HELP!!!! music GCSE school homework!!!!!!

    school homework help please I take music GCSE and I have no idea what the answer to the following questions are please help me

    what is the type of ensamble playing in Peripetie?

    what is the tonality of Peripetie?

    list and describe 5 musical features that show that Peripetie was written in the classical genre in the 20th Century.

     What is the name given to the group of notes used as a basis for the piece?


     What playing technique can be heard in the strings right at the end of the piece?


     What is the structure of Peripetie?


    Thank you sooooooo much <3

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    2 Answers

    Read and learn...

    This seems like a college level class  major in music homework. You're going to have to get the piece and listen to it. ........maybe from a college library ,or maybe off the internet, or borrow your instrutor's copy.

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