how to deal with dyslexia

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    Well I have Dyslexia I had a great problem when I was at school I was lucky as I had private education it is so much more advance in helping people now I have degree that was hard but lucky I had a tutor that helped me please go on the site that Colleen said I wish you all the luck in the world it will be hard and people will laugh het laugh with with them but then laugh back in your mind that you are better than that you are a winner always remember that do not let anyone put you down ever good luck

    How to cope with dyslexia (14 steps) > 

    Jay Leno has said more than once that he's dyslexic . If reading and writing were never invented, would there still be dyslexia ? I think not.Expecting everybody to be good at reading and writing is like expecting everybody to be good at algebra or doing macremae (sp)


    Actually yes, there still would be dyslexia. It is not about being 'good' at reading and writing.

    Its better if you visit a psychiatrist and tell the issue which is haunting you. People don't understand the problem faced by person.


    A psychiatrist for dyslexia. Curious that no one ever suggested that for me.

    I just figured out how to think the other way when looking.

    It is a physical state of being not a mental state of being. The brain doesn't flip what it sees and so one has to learn how to do that.

    It may seem like a big deal but it actually is not...

    Except for backing up in the vehicle.

    That particular function is a bit of work

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