Is the US much more violent or do we just hear and see more through the media?

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    Since we are larger than most European countries, and way more diverse (generally) with large cities, we are bound to have more violence and media coverage.  We will have any excuse for media to make a story.  I remember as a kid, if somebody was killed, it was a big deal, people were moved emotionally over the loss.  Today, it is common, turn the page, what is next, type of attitude, we are hardened to violence, and it has become a way of life.   "We are not in Kansas, anymore!" 


    Yes, Kansas was a long, long time ago.I was raised in a fairly small mountain town. I could walk down town when I was 7 or 8. I knew everybody. It was safe and kind. When my dad died the bank president called my mom and asked her if she needed any money.
    I'd like to go back to a town like that - if such a place exists.

    I think it’s media. It is rare that I hear about other parts of the world but it’s bound to be going on there as well. For every sensational story reported there is a thousand good ones to tell……...


    No body reads the good stories. Journalists want to make $$.
    "If it bleeds, it leads."

    Breaking Bad was a winning TV show. I loved it and will watch it again. The thing is: It's full of violence. I've never seen so much violence. It's not like me to watch that but the acting and the psychology pulled me in.

    I read an article two weeks ago that showed statistics ... sad to say, not the media.... Unless of course you count war torn nations.

    True, that is NOT good news. I suspected it was so. We all do. : (((

    of course there are more shooting deaths here than in Europe or Canada. First of all, at the boarder of Canada, there's a  big sign that says absolutely NO guns will be allowed in Canada, at all.And if you have even the remotest arrest record, from 45 or 50 years ago, they will detain you at the boarder.Canada has many guns for hunting, but they have a much lower crime rate than the U.S.


    And yet Canada is not far behind the USA in gun related deaths per capita. How can that be with such a big sign? Also there is a HUGE difference between the number of people in Canada and the number of people in the USA. More people = more deaths anywhere in the world.

    I would say yes, I think we see more murders and violence on our news about America than anywhere else. But of course America is a much larger country, and we do have more violence in the UK than we did. We have some cities than are unsafe, parts of London have areas where you wouldn't walk at night. I have a friend who's a Police Inspector in our local town, and he says it's the most dangerous place in Essex on a Saturday night. I'm not sure about that, mind you an Essex girl and her stilettos can be pretty dangerous.


    Surrey Girls can be just as bad with thier Hat pins,

    I have never worn a hat pin. : ) Watch out for them Surrey Girls.

    Yes there are some dangerous women around Dennis.

    When i arrived in Los Angeles, admittedly quite a few years ago, there were 8 separate homicides, all gun related in the one night, at that time that was more than Australia had in a year, i would say yes.



    more, dougal.

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