Yes, a COSTUME party, pot luck, BYOB, and you are invited!  
    1. What will be your costume and why?
    2. What pot luck dish will you bring? 
    3. What will you bring to drink?

    No, I wouldn't REALLY have a party and expect you to bring all the food and drink. This is just to get to know you a little better.

    Me?  Costume:  Cheerleader!  With pom poms
             Pot Luck Food:  WINGS! Spicy with bleu cheese dip and a Jell-o salad no one has ever had before (guaranteed)
             Drink: uh,  I'll bring ice....lots of ice....for the ice chest and the ice bucket and the drinks.

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    I'm sure this comes as no surprise to anyone, but I would wear a cow print costume.

    My homemade Chips with Salsa and Deviled Eggs have always been big hits at parties and picnics so I would bring both of these.

    I must have a Patron Margarita  or two.


    Let's blend those margaritas with some of the ice I'm bringing!!

    You would look cute in that get-up,CB. Have you ever made baked pita chips? They're ggggooooooddddd.
    country bumpkin


    No MCM, I've never made them, but I like pita chips and I'm sure homemade pita chips are delicious.

    I don’t do costumes but I would bring a camera and stuffed hot peppers and beer…...

    Helllloooooooo Bobette!


    This would be along the lines of the costume that I would wear ... One, I live in the area of culture.  Two, I have been wanting to shop in the fabric stores and make the outfit for years and three ... I would feel like a princess for a day!



    I would bring Samosas as that would be in theme and they are vegetarian.


    And as for drinks.... hmmmmmmmmmmm .... not in theme at all but it is chilly outside....... Blueberry tea.


    The Indian garments are so
    Colorful and beautiful.
    I love samosas, especially with the spicy marinade.
    Tea would be lovely!

    The tea is lovely. It has a kick to it... warms you right up!

    ""I would come dressed as a witch."" I would bring Hot Dog finger food""  and witches brew cocktails.


    WOW, Those hot dogs look amazing! I'm glad you're going to be there, PL. That brew looks, uh, interesting. :D

    I like the style of the ancient Mayans, I think it would suit me!


    A big bowl of Texas chilli would seem appropriate just now...


    And of course I'd bring the Scotch!




    I would probably come as a farmer, (remember, you cannot believe those sheep-they lie). I'll bring the famous "enhanced baked beans" that the Mrs. makes, or "holiday pilaf". Lastly, I would bring the beer, maybe homebrew, if I get together with my son and finally resume that practice...

    All sounds good to me, the party is ON!

    Excellent choices. The Mayans wore skirts, too! :D

    OK P, I'll let you off with that one!

    You know I'm just giving you a bad time. Love you lots. :D

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