how do I access the maths signs on my keyboard

    I'm doing a course on line but I need to access the maths signs to complete one of the questions. I use a laptop, can you help me?

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    the plus and minus signs are at the top   where the numbers are the left of the zero mark . You hit the  - for minus and you get the  + by hitting the shift key first, then hit the + .  For the multiplication sign, you hit the letter x  .

    For the equal sign, you hit the =  key. There's no key for devision, but you can use    slash  /   to mean devided by .

    + − × ÷ ± ? = ? ? ∑ ? ? ? µ ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ß these are called "special characters" on a MAC, they are on all OSystems these days along with loads of others in a wide range of sizes also. If you are on Google Chrome then you go to Edit at the top most bar and then to Special Characters. Have and drag the object into your document.  Many writing programs also have this feature. curious that my symbols were replaced by ? when I posted this here. The common math symbols stayed ok.

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