why does love always seem to be complicated?????

    every time i think I think that I have got it all figured out,it comes up and bites me .

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    It isn't complicated unless you are with the wrong person. Then it can be a drama filled nightmare. Love should help you to relax, laugh and enjoy life! You can have that by having common interests, the same sense of humor and similar goals for your relationship.


    How sensible and boring,


     It is only as complicated as you make it.

    If it were simple would it be worth the fight..Love is easy to fall into, hard to fall out of and sometimes seems impossible to find.


    You said it all,Daren

    love is really hard to get over the one you love

    love is really hard to get over the one you love

    It wouldn’t be the ordeal w/o the mess it presents. Meaning, it just is……...

    If it's that complicated, maybe you've got the wrong man ( or woman.) Maybe you should find someone else .

    sometimes men think first on there self they love to cheat but if a women cheats omg they will bring it up all the times my relacionship its getting complicated because he loves giving attencion to other than my self but know I aundustand and as much as it hurts its time for me to move on we hade a 12 year relacion all I have recive is pain from him he calls his other girl in mexico tells her I love you in front of me and that's just to much to handle so I have to make my decision now before its to late I have to kids with him but I have allways been a mom and dad and im so proud of my self there the most important thing in my life and its never to late to start a new life with my kids


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