im looking for a turtle

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    If you live in British Columbia or Alberta or many of the other provinces of Canada, good luck with that one. 

    This is a 'no turtle as pets zone'.


    Did you LOSE a turtle, or do you want to get a turtle for a "pet"?  Notice that you didn't provide a city, state, province, country, etc. where you live, which makes it very, very difficult for people here to help you find a turtle.  Maybe a bit more infor?   
    If you lived in Fresno, California, you could get a turtle at Whitie's Pet Store on Blackstone Avenue, just north of Shaw.


    That pic looks exactly like the box turtle I had when I was in the 7th grade ---about 8th or 9th gr. It's a land turtle. They don't like water, b/c they're not very good swimmers, b/c the don't even have webbed feet.The claws on their feet are for forageing and digging for worms, grubs, and other delicacies. They like to live in a damp, woodsy area.

    My sister had a turtle in her yard for several years that was given to her by one of my dad's truck drivers, who found it out in one of the tomato (or was it cotton?) fields waiting for the truck to be loaded with product. She kept a water dish for him, lots of leafy vegees, and saw him seldom. He burrowed during the winter.
    I enjoyed seeing a lot of turtles several years ago during a visit to different beaches in Kauai. They are very mysterious creatures!

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