Gotta have your coffee, but

    ...what's your preference?

    According to this article, Americans still buy more FOLGERS than any other brand.  

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    I like Colombian instant, somehow I get a lot done in my day after a couple of cups.


    And I hope you and the Mrs. are enjoying a beautiful day over your second cup! Happy Day. .

    We are indeed P, the weather is warm and the coffee is good.

    What could be better! I was up early today, for a change, and am looking forward to a small family barbecue in a couple of hours. My sister hit the big 6-0 yesterday. Hoping my son brings his kids.

    Have a great day Phyllis, the evening is starting here, not too long till ZZZZ..... time.

    Happy Weekend!

    Only drink coffee at work,so whatever they have...Three cups,black&strong...All before noon.At home I drink tea.

    Folger's when I'm not being cheap and buying the generic brand  Folger's rule!!!!!

    I've switched to tea but as a coffee drinker, Folgers, fresh brewed.

    "San Francisco Fog Chaser” it is a dark, full bodied, flavorful coffer bean blend that I grind to expresso fineness. More than two cups and you turn into a chattering whirl-ey-gig.    


    Maybe that's what's got my 3 year old granddaughter talking nonstop! :D

    I am currently enjoying a 'fair trade' variety roasted dark from the Denman Island Coffee guys over there up the east coast a ways on this, the big island where the Salmon are biting...the derby starts tomorrow ( Shhhhh...don't tell the Fishes)!



    Ican smell the Aroma,hm,hmm,

    Cuppa waiting on ya Den!! ;)

    I'm a Maxwell House guy "good to the last drop'...much cheaper than going to the coffee shop daily to go easy though don't want to get in a "grind""


    daren, what is wrong with that drop ;-)

    Nescafe' Blend 43, i'm addicted.

    At home, I've been drinking Lavazza brand Italian espresso for years. Although I buy the ground variety, it is vacuum sealed and tastes spectacularly fresh every time. On the road, it's whatever is available.

    43 bean NESCAFE,6 or 7 decent sized  Aussie mugs a day,,,,,,

    Folgers when brewed and Maxwell Dark for instant. - all at home!

    i hope good coffe because is good of health 

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