Am I getting better in answering questions? (Not a serious question)

    I have seen some couple of dumb questions, these days. Reading it and answering it, has made me crazy and stupid xD
    So I'm asking you guys, if I'm getting better. Because I feel I do too O:)

    I also want feedback lol

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    Oh yeah, practise makes perfect!


    Thanks Ducky ^O^

    Well at least you ARE answering.That's what this forum is supposed to be about.Good work!

    I love to read what everyone has to say and look for opportunities it weave wit and wisdom together which sometimes looks like kwap to me. In review I often make corrections to my daily blather so someone may think that what I wrote is at least readable.  AldeWicht""your work is composed very well and is informative and thoughtful. It is fun to look into a subject and find answers that you didn’t know before. I read many of your answer in your “handle” and on various posts. You do more than scratch and sniff like many post visitors do .    


    Well put, Robert.You get the award for > > > > > most improved player in akaQA

    Indeed, thanks guys ^^
    You always give a smile to me hahaha

    I think you're doing fine. I know some of the questions can be challenging but you seem to show patience when answering.  


    I like a challenge, besides I need to think before I speak. But I can't talk so I write the words instead. A cat like me, can type words. That is sooo magical! :D

    Cats have always been known to be mystical creatures. I'm not surprised that you can type.

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