DOG or CAT person? Which are you?   

    Interesting article about what your pet preference (dog or cat) can say about you.  

    Posting this more for your entertainment and just a little bit FYI.  Enjoy 

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    Dog i think ,I like my belly rubbed,



    I like them all except... snakes and rats.

    Dogs, cats, turtles, zee fishies... birds, hamsters, rabbits... goats!  ... the list is long ... except those icky snakes and rats.


    Arachnids and certain insects are on my *hit list. I don't care for snakes or rats, either (and mice).

    I can handle bugs as long as they are not in the larvae form or dead. Dead bugs creep me out beyond the beyond. Mice don't bother me... they are very easy to out smart.

    Oh, and John Lennon was my 'fave' Beatle... followed by Ringo based upon his name.
    My all time favorite song by the Beatles is Helter Skelter............. so.... I am hooped in the questionnaire department once again!

    You are a unique and wonderful individual!

    You are adorable Bobette... Did you walk your dog today?! :)

    :( Dentist this morning, and afternoon with my mom and 3 sons. Sunday we did about 3 1/2 miles and I got blisters. We did a different route, which included water for him to enjoy, which he did. :D
    Tomorrow morning we will "marchez".

    Cute article. Me? I love dogs, have owned the best of them but in an apartment the size I live in, cats are the only option.  I have two............

    Gotta say I'm a dog man & I also like Paul McCartney.:)


    HA! Excellent. Thank you Thank you very much!!

    Dogs and John Lennon!  (Now what?)    LOL!!


    Go get yourself a nice pair of ne shoes, what else!!

    Well okay but you might have me mixed up with the fish...she's the "shoe person" I think. Not to worry though, I'll go shopping for SOMETHING! lol

    A box of golf balls then

    Don't need those...never go in the bush so I don't lose any. Phhhhhtttttt.....

    I bow to the master(ette).

    I can dream. :)

    Thinking of hitting a bucket of balls tomorrow at a 3-par course nearby. Wish my son would just play the course with would take us ALL day, but it would be fun.

    I like cats and dogs, although I only have two cats, one male and one female. When I was a boy we always had a dog and cat, chickens,rabbits,and a goat. I think the main reason I only have cats now is the lack of space, our house and garden is not very large. We do have a dog that lives next door , and he and our male cat torment each other every day, well I think our boy Sindab probably started it off by hanging over the fence by his back paws while trying to swipe the dog with his front paws, we are really worried that one day they will come face to face and someone will get hurt. The article was very interesting, I am not a typical cat person according to that though. I love all animals exept rats,they make me shudder, can't stand them, but can't help looking at them.


    We always had dogs when I was a kid, many of them dumped in our fenced yard in the dark of night. As an adult, it's been fun to have dogs and cats, and they've always gotten along. I have a favorite photo of Darrell, who I lost last summer; he is sleeping in a rather large flower pot that is just a little too small for him; the cat is sleeping right there with him. Very cute.

    Treasured memories Bob.

    A lot of memories about pets are happier than ones about people. :O

    Dogs rule, cats drool!  Dog lover of course, although we do not own one at moment:(


    That is very true. I've had more than one drooling kitty. Dogs rule, but they slobber, too.

    Yes some breeds are terrible, I don't like the brachiocephalic breeds for that and health reasons...

    I love both. Animals give back unconditional love,  human beings rarely if ever do. They are uncomplicated. They won't stab you in the back or cheat on you. They don't get upset if you're in a bad mood. Feed them, walk them, pay attention to them and they are your best friend for life.


    How horrible to go through life, never being able to trust any human beings. Sad indeed.

    Just my way of saying what I think of having a cat and dog as pets and a part of my life.

    I understand exactly what you mean. NO ONE has ever been as happy to see me walk through the door more than the dog. The cat is a sweetheart, too, and will sit with me contentedly for hours.
    Heck, the dog even knows when I'm sad and actually tries to cheer me up.

    Dogs cats they make sneeze and make my eye itch and water to bad cats are such pretty little critters


    If you have a chance to check out the article, see if the cat lover characteristics fit you!!

    I'm both, I love all animals :33
    Only when they are cubs or small <3


    I like house cats and hound dogs. Labs are great pals but not real bright. Healers are smart and like to play in sneeky ways….steal your gloves, catch the cat by the head and hold it until it stops trashing around, sometime injuriously. Healers learn tricks and I have seen some that were great purse and wallet thieves landing their owners in jail and them on death row. War dogs like pit bulls and dobermans et al often develop disrespect for their owners and may just eat their owner by mistake or intentionally if they can’t escape to go off on their own. Understanding dogs is easier than cats. If you charm dogs they can be a real friend and do what you ask them to do with a glance.    


    dogs really are loyal to their beloved owners, even abused dogs still are affectionate!

    Ummm..let me think??..We have 8 cats in the home and no dogs..CATS..WBMG!:-)


    Kind of a silly question to ask YOU! :D

    LOL Bob..a no brainer!;-)You o,k? XX

    For the most part, Millie. Little health issues that I can probably resolve when I eat healthier and move around more (Doctor recommended the Mediterranean style). Keeping busy! You look great! You really had us worried!

    @Bob/PKB..Thanks..I put on 2 1/2 stone!
    :-(..but was seriously underweight so am just trying to get used to being bigger!..Am trying to eat more healthy too!..You are pretty active though anyway aren`t you? are looking good..i find it so hard to maintain a healthy weight balance as am always on the run and hate breakfast and lunch and often realize that by LATE evening I haven`t eaten anything..If I don`t eat junk then I`d happily survive on just tea,pepsi max and H20 all the time!:-Z...I`m all or`s not that I mean to starve just easy to be so busy I forget to eat..but am trying to make myself eat regularly! Sorry I gave you a scare..(Sweet o you to be concerned).. I gave myself a scare but was pretty much too out of it most of the time to see how sick I was at the time..affected everyone else far more than me in some ways..I think the only really worries I remember were re the kids and my Ma!...V.V.lucky to be where I am now!!:-)...So what else has been happening since I`ve been away? much love Millie xxx

    It has to be a relief to be back for your Mom and kids. You had prayers and positive thoughts going out for you nonstop!
    My mom died 10/29. She fell and broke her femur near her hip. Surgery was simple, but, at 94 years, 10 months, and 26 days, and with many health problems, it was just more than she could overcome. It seems like she is my first thought when I wake, then I think of my dad, who died in 2001. I wish my sons were a little more "on track" as responsible adults, but I keep my mouth shut more and more. I'm taking a couple of fun classes starting 1/13 (jewelry, creative writing, Bible literature) and studying to become a real estate salesperson. Really not doing much physically and really need to get moving. Been having chiropractic from my nephew (in his last months of clinic/class/lab) and it makes a huge difference! Should've been getting adjusted years ago!

    sorry comment in wrong place but @Bob/PKB..Am so sorry to hear about your Mother,my thoughts are with you.What an amazing lady to reach such a great age and you really enhanced her quality of life I know!..(It was similar with my Dad 85..4 yrs ago!..He was physically very well,routine hip replacement for fract.neck of went fine..but he just had had enough and gave up on was a huge shock as albeit his age,he was so active and in fine health!was coming home the am he died.Am so sorry for you xxx. Are the boys not on track or just a worry?..(would we have signed up for the job had we known just how much worry overload is involved??;-0...Am glad you`re keeping that`s a lot to take on but good for you!..Ask Colleen for my Email if you haven`t got it?...she`ll be tearing her hair out that I use this as a social venting site!LOL! Thanks so much for all thoughts and prayers they obviously worked! XXMills

    Will do and look forward to talking with you more.

     I am gonna say that i am a dog man because i really love dogs but i also love cats but least


    List of my like animals:Dogs,puppy,rabbit,horse,hamster and etc.


    List of my dislike animals:rals,mice,snake,cockraoch,bugs and etc.


    I'm not a big fan of rodents, snakes, cockroaches...there are a lot of neat "bugs", though. Just gotta be picky. :D

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