what baby name sounds better Axton or Pheonix

    Help I want something different and like both of these names

    Having a hard time deciding and what are good suggestions for nicknames on both?

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    Pick a name any name but remember that this child will some day be a grandparent and the name you choose will be attached to Grandma or Granddad...

    Also... will the name you choose limit the child's future?... President or Prime Minister... Phoenix Blahblahblah... Does that sound solid?  Well, if you are American... then Yes.

    Either name would be just fine for a famous scientist, artist or musician... and egg farmer.

    How about Rodeo Bull Rider, Food Network Star, Doctor, Lawyer or Nuclear Physicist?

    The name is up to you... the life is up to the child.  Never limit your child or put that child in the position of defending your good or bad taste.

    Good Luck.  A parent's job lasts a life time.


    Now this is REALLY good thinking. Yes, indeed. Two thumbs up.

    Boy or girl?


    Yes,Romos, It's going to be a boy or girl ;-)

    Have you considered that when your child states his/her name, the question will ALWAYS be..."How do you spell that"? Also, you might notice that I for one, have no idea if that is a boy or a girl. How about something not different.....David or Sandra?     :)


    David Sandra,woud be different i suspose,

    Sandra David might sound even better?

    Carl... girl or boy, Aliens love that name. :)

    Ah Carl...problem solved. :)

    How about Jill or Sally?

    Fiaxco pronounced  Fee AXE co! What do you think?


    Stylin' name. President Fiaxco. Timely.

    I’m a little confused here. It may be a typo or a spelling error. Do you by any chance mean .... FIASCO? If so, I must agree with you & Fishlet,That is a timely name for us here in the U.S. “Stylin” : D

    Pheonix would be pronounced   "Fee-oh-nix", so I think you mean "Phoenix" as in the capital of Arizona.   How about "Ithaca, Kite, or Rio"? I know a woman who saddled her poor children with these names.  One became a social worker, the other two became pot growers.  What's in a name??? 
    Neither of those names is particularly pleasing to MY ear, so I'm not much help vote-wise.
    As some have mentioned, do pick a name the child can grow up and old with, that will not cause unnecessary teasing and taunting, and has a traditional spelling.  
    If you child doesn't like the name you've chosen, it can be changed with a moderate amount of inconvenience and appearance before  "the judge".  

    Axton for a boys name is good, and Pheonix for a girls name is nice. If you like both of these names so much, use Axton as a middle name.Just remember, when these names are shortened they will be Ax and Pheeny. Do you like the shortened version ?


    Ahem, PL, I do not much care for the names Ax or Pheeny. You are right, all names get shortened. Another thinker amongst us. : )

    Exactly why I didn't name one of my sons "Bartholemew".

    Phoenix (I think this is the correct spelling. Check it. ok?) It has a softer sound and would be my choice of the two.

    Axton is a harder sound - maybe good for a boy?

    My daughter and I have had sooo many discussions about baby names. I’ve always liked Serianna. I read it was the relative of Shakespear or something. I used it for a screen name only to find out it’s the name of a hard rock band. Terrible music. I don’t know why they used it!

    maybe Axle or Brick , like those stupid names on The Middle. Or, how 'bout  the names Julia Roberts picked out for her kids.........Phinneus and Hazel . What was she thinking ? All us baby boomers can picture Phinneus T. Bluster when we think of that name.

    Henry and Mary Antoinette

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