how do you prevent yourself from sleeping during a boring lesson

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    Think in the opposite direction of 'boring'.  Develop a taste for subjects you don't care for such as, looking up the history of the subject in your free time.

    Extract key elements from the presentation and apply these key words to a musical currently in development by you.  Not only will you be able to hum a tune while writing the tests (Which almost always are a given.), you will not forget anything... (As we all know exactly how a song can stick in your head for weeks on end... Take anything written and performed by ABBA.)  The added bonus, if all else fails you can always do "Off Broadway".

    Last but not least and if all else fails (Once Again... nothing like the 'Back Up Plan'), THE CHINESE TEA CEREMONY.  Get good at this... which takes a gigantical amount of practice, is beautiful and depending on what type of tea is your 'all time fave'... DEE-LISH-OUS!  The side effect being, you will not sleep for years on end.  Perfect!

    Ask one question in every class. You will be forced to pay attention because you will (or should) want to ask an intelligent, well thought out and relevant question.


    And yes, I agree. Some teachers are very boring as they have no presentation skills whatsoever have to do the best that you can, regardless of the circumstances.

    Make fist. Release and make again. Gets the blood to flowing.......


    Make a fist with your feet too. (You know what I mean?)
    Do what ever you can to get that blood flowing. Good one, Julie.

    When I watch TV, I get up during commercials and walk around or do some sort of exercise to make me feel less guilty. (Do not walk around during class.) I do not always do this. Just in moderation, you know. : )

    I've read your comment. See? Someone does! and you are right, I just veg in front of the TV. Chewing is about the only exercise I get.....

    At least chewing is better than dozing. :)

    I wrote the names of the 50 U.S. states, in alphabetical order. I tried to match the capitals to the states.  I practiced writing backwards, upside down, and upside down AND backwards.

    It looked like I was paying close attention and taking very thorough notes.


    Oh soooo good.

    you're brilliant

    Get a pen that you love. Maybe colors. Doodle away. I ALWAYS doodle on the phone. I doodled in classes too. I think it helped me pay attention.

    Actually, I hope you’re paying attention because I have the correct answer for you. “Pay for your own education, that’s always an incentive to get your money’s worth.” said Bustione.

    5 cups of cafeinated coffee always worked for me !!


    that is drugging
    caffein taken in excess becomes a drug abuse

    Copious amounts of Green Tea then!

    It’s far better to drink a bit too much coffee than to fall face first onto your desk and SNORE.
    The worst problem with drinking too much coffee occasionally is that you might have to suddenly dash from the room and the other students will hear your foot prints dash to the restroom.

    Get this! Coffee puts me to sleep. It's called a paradoxical reaction.

    When you do not understand something, you should raise your hand and ask about what you did not understand. Otherwise you get off track and sleepy. If you develop your study and classroom listening skills you will do much better. Studying and classroom interactivity should be coached and practiced.


    some teachers are borin

    slimjimpopo: If your teacher is boring, you could always have a few cups of coffee. That will wake you right up. : )

    Robertgrist: I was sitting in my beloved Psychology class. The instructor was explaining hypnosis in detail. I was listening to his every word. Pretty soon I found myself in a beautiful golden ball. At the end of the class I jolted awake and the ball turned into golden droplets. I talked to him after class and said,
    “I think I got hypnotized during your lecture.” I said.
    “This college does not allow me to practice hypnosis,” he said.
    “Ok,” I said and walked out and from that day on out I could hypnotize myself whenever I chose. Nice skill for me.

    Hypnosis is a spiritual crime. This fact became known around 1965 when Jupiter announced that ‘hypnosis is the usurpation of the will of God'. From that day forward I have not known of a single hypnotist to prosper in public service as a hypnotist.

    “usurption of the will of God” Hmmmm? Robert, I sure don’t understand that.

    usurp |yo͞oˈsərp|
    verb [ with obj. ]
    take (a position of power or importance) illegally or by force: Richard usurped the throne.
    • take the place of (someone in a position of power) illegally: supplant: the Hanoverian dynasty had usurped the Stuarts.
    • [ no obj. ] (usurp on/upon) archaic encroach or infringe upon (someone's rights): the Church had usurped upon the domain of the state.
    usurpation |ˌyo͞osərˈpāSHən|noun,
    usurper noun
    ORIGIN Middle English (in the sense ‘appropriate (a right) wrongfully’): from Old French usurper, from Latin usurpare ‘seize for use.’

    I don't think hypnotism is a big deal. I can get "hypnotized" when I paint and listen to music. Other activities also. robert, do YOU believe hypnotism is a spiritual crime?
    It's good to look up words when you don't know the definition. I do that about 50% of the time ... maybe more. When my dad worked at a lumber camp he tried to memorize the dictionary. (He got along with everyone too! That's what he said anyway. What an early-day nerd. : )

    The reason hypnosis is a spiritual crime is due to the fact that it infringes and interferes with the will of God expresser within the mind. Free will personal choice is a God given right to all children of God. Within each of us is a part of God known as a Mystery Monitor. Egyptians refer to this as the Ka. Other religions independently found the same part of God and every human is so indwell. This vital link within is a fact that is solid. Free will choice is a vital part of our lives as spiritual beings in a human form. Your experience would not be your own if you did not have free will.

    And pay for your own education, that always is an incentive to get your money's worth!~


    That's a real wakeup call. Good advice!

    The price of a poor education is far below your potential.

    go out in hall briefly and shake you head. Or better yet, to into bathroom and splash cold water on your face.Then go back in classroom and you should be more awake. If all else fails, drink an energy shot before you go to class.

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