Pain on inside of knee,only when i try to stand up,??

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    I think you know by now Hector that the answers given regarding anything medical will be, "See a doctor"


    Yes your right,hoping it will go after pain killers,its just that i change from shoes to trainers,lately,

    Hector, when you stand up do you feel a 'click' with the pain??  Is the back of your knee swollen?? Do you have full motion of your knee without pain when sitting or lying down?

    Did you injure your knee lately?  You could have a torn meniscus or chipped bone rattling around between the ball and the socket, very painful, torn meniscus is painful.  Usually referred to as sports injury.

    I don't know your age but normal wear and tear on the joint will eventually cause pain and stiffness, worn cartledge -- the cushion and lubricant the moving parts need.  Worn out you will probably hear and feel a crunching sound when bending.

    And finally--- Go see a doctor...


    No none of the above,it feels like a ligiment,has steached,Trouble is i cant walk the dog

    Well then you need some stretches! Unless you have torn a ligament, if you did, you would be seeing stars for sure, you'd already be in surgery. Try some stretches.
    But first-- Go see a doctor.

    Sciatica feels like stretched ligament, or a pulled nerve.

    Thats what it could be,the docs open tomorow,if its anything else,thanks,

    Vin, you mean in the "hinge joint", as it is only shoulder and hip with "ball and socket". But I agree with your assessment otherwise. I have a historic meniscus tear, it healed, however it gives me problems at times. Too much stair climbing, etc. I have had help while taking a maintenance of Relafen a Rx anti-inflammatory med.

    yeah, that's what I mean, I couldn't come up with a name for it-- I speak in generics sometimes. :)

    join the club, I speak gurgle, as I babysit toddlers!

    SEE A DOCTOR! (LOL). Welcome to the club Den.As we age our knees seem to be one of the first things to deteriorate.Makes you wish you had looked after the a bit better in your youth.Glucosomine tablets help some peole with the problem but it's not a quick fix.You can buy them over the counter at pharmacies & even in the supermarket over here.It shouldn't be too different where you are.Good luck with it mate.


    Ill give them a try Tommyh,then i might run like a young Gazel,

    At least like a retired tiger who can no longer snag a gazelle!

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