What’s your earliest memory? How old were you? (Approximately)


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    I remember the doctor slapping my Mother after I came out laughing at him and the midwife,she was a really ugly midwife.


    Yeah, right... I am not doubting the Dr. slapping your mom, just your memory of it! (just kidding)

    She was and still is ugly IMHO.

    I was two years old... my sister was brand new and my Mother wanted 'formal pictures' taken of the two of us.  She dressed us up and everyone gathered in my Grandparent's Rose Garden.  First photographs were taken of me alone, which I didn't like as I didn't like having my picture taken then and I don't like having my picture taken now.  Then a shot was set up where I held my sister.  I was completely overwhelmed as I didn't want to hurt her.  When she was finally laid in my lap, I remember an overwhelming feeling of warmth and love. (And she was a baby of 'substance'!).

    That is a pretty good first memory.


    Are you close now? That is a beautiful memory. “a baby of substance” <3

    She passed away four years ago.

    Yes. Gulp.

    I often try to think of my earliest memory, unfortunately, I have blocked much of my childhood, the earliest of which was more functional.  When I was in the 3 rd grade, the family broke up and we children were sent off to an orphanage, later to different foster homes.  It was a terrible year or so, and I do not remember before that very well.  When very young, maybe 3, my grandfather lived with us.  I vaguely remember him catching a mallard duck and her ducklings and putting them into the bathtub, while he was babysitting us.  That lasted until my mother came home an hour later!  And other little snippets of events from time to time.  If I run any by my siblings they remember more than I do. 



    Grandfather sounds like the grandfather in “Little Miss Sunshine.” (Kind of)

    Yes, he was a hoot, was very tight with his money. I remember him coming to visit us when I was older, he would take one kid at a time in his Model A and buy a toy for us. We were old enough to be embarassed when he created a commotion over sales tax on said gift. He refused to pay sales tax to the shop keeper. He promptly returned home and deposited the change of that tax into Maxwell coffee jars, and laugh over the fools who paid the tax. We were not always overjoyed at getting our turn to get a toy!

    What a character! I think the work is skin flint. (pardon if the word is not that) : )

    Hearing the report over the radio that JFK had been killed. I was 1 year 8 months old. I remember my mother crying out, "Oh no!" and she dropped the plate she was drying at the time. 


    I don’t know if I had memories quite that young but I had many before I turned three. I know this because we moved to Angels Camp when I turned three. The earliest was maybe a bright blue robin’s egg in the dewy green morning grass. Dad held my hand and showed me. So many memories.

    You were born for politics? Me ... color books.

    I don't think I was born for politics. As much as I might argue them, politics bored the heck out of me.

    I was about 3 and I was putting on underwear behind the chest-of-drawers because I was told that God always sees you..............


    This isn’t my first but it seems to fit in ~
    My dad collected art books. There was this big blue book with an illustration of Jesus with a crown of thorns and he was hanging on the cross. It terrified me. I waited till my parents were busy with their typewriters and I wrapped up the book in newspaper and carried it far into the back yard and buried it. I had gone to a Catholic school that year and I too believed that God always sees you. Mercy! I was a sinner. That was Grade 1. I could tell you about the Catholic statues ... oh, what a year. A very bad year for a very bad girl.

    kinda like Santa always sees you and knows if you've been good or bad ?

    Kind of. I just didn't want God to see me changing underwear.......

    We were quite young (2/3, 3/4) and some people were visiting.  They had ooohed and aaaahed over my younger sister's cute little curl on the top of her light brown head. My hair was so dark and straight.  She was always the cute one with the little curl on top of her head.

    Seething in jealousy, I led her to my parents' bedroom and offered to cut off the offensive curl. She agreed and I handed it to her to take to Mom.  

    Not one of my finer moments.


    You got all your curls right now, young lady. : )

    You are definitely too kind, itsmee.

    I would say six years old,(1961)Seems like I remember so many things from that year,maybe because it was a bad year for me.Here are a few,I remember standing in that long line to get my polio shot and being scared out of my mind.I remember setting our back porch on fire when I was six,and getting the beating of my life from my father as he made my brothers and sister watch so they would know what was in store for them if they ever tried some sh*t like that,BTW,I put the fire out myself,but it could have been real bad.And I remember the "air raid"drills at school.


    Wild Thang ... Have you calmed down? Little boys have a wild streak. I’ll include you in that. : )

    yes, Rick, I remember the nuclear bomb drills.We had to go out into the hall and lean our face against our lockers and wrap our arms around our head. As if that was going to protect us from a 50 meg. bomb.
    Course, at the time, I had no idea of what or why we were doing that. And I too, remember standing in line for a polio shot. Next time, they gave it to us on a sugar cube.Much improved !
    In 1961, I was about 11 or 12.

    itsmee,I had enough wild streak in me to cover my two brother's too. :) Here's one from when I was ten,my father had two brand new snow tires,never been on a car yet and I rolled them down to the corner gas station and sold them for 50 cents each,I did not get a beating that time because my dad saw it as very funny(he did get the tires back).The gas station saw it as funny also and let me keep the dollar. :)



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