LITHIUM - MOOD STABILISER for Bi-polar Disorder

    Will Bi-polar Dis-order be treated with a less toxic drug than Lithium in the future?

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    Bi-polar is a frequent consideration when a patient displays moody behavior, but with clinical investigation a number of causes can potentially be at the source of the “problem”. The roller-coaster ride through the house of horrors can be diagnosed as schizophrenia, hyper lipid proteinemia, malaria, hypoglycemia, lyme’s disease, post-polio, etc,etc.  Bi-polar and other Jeckel and Hyde verdicts lands on the patients ears like a deafening condemnation to the hellish dungeons of the inquisition. Lithium has the effect of rendering the patient into a “flat-affect” state. That’s like turning all emotions….off. Not happy or sad or excited or interested or interesting….just blaw. Lithium renders a patient emotionless as its presence in your blood approaches the toxic level. Lithium is a last resort drug…not a dodge of respectable and responsible research. Those bi-polar symptoms are most often treated with much kinder mood levelers like trileptal…one of many. Doctors vary in their level of expertise and experience. As for me….I am a patient and have been through many doctors, trials and developments in medicine. So bare in mind, my experience is as a patient only and I am so happy with the few drugs I am now prescribed.       

    I take Lithium 3 times a day and it dosent make me  emotionless.... I also take Zyprexa another mood leveler along with it. All people are different. Sometimes you have to try alotta meds to find out what works for you.

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