What is Hyper Extension ?

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    Hyperextension is the movement or extension of joints, tendons, or muscles beyond the normal limit or range of motion. When this happens, it may cause an injury, especially in athletes. Unlike hypermobility, which refers to being double-jointed, hyperextension is the stretching of a body part beyond what is normal. A person who is double-jointed has misaligned or abnormally shaped joints, and their hypermobility is a result. Extending a body part beyond its normal range is not intentional and often results in orthopedic injury.

    Injuries due to hyperextension can occur in any part of the body and as a result of sports injury or accident. The most common joints affected by it are the knees and elbows. Depending on the extremeness of the movement, a joint or muscle may be temporarily injured and improve with time and physical therapy, or it may be a permanent injury. Most cases require only acute treatment such as cold compresses, rest, and brace support. In some cases, the over-extension may result in permanent injury that can only be corrected with surgery.

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