how to whiten teeth fast without dental strips

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    Don't use strips, they are a joke. See a reputable dentist for teeth whitening.......

    I have found this works. Make your own whitening toothpaste with hydrogen peroxide. An old and trusted way of whitening the teeth with hydrogen peroxide is to make your own toothpaste by blending hydrogen peroxide with baking soda until you have formed a paste. Brush your teeth with the peroxide, baking soda paste and thoroughly rinse out your mouth. Be careful not to swallow any of the paste. If you decide to use this method, use only 3 % Hydrogen peroxide, not the 6 % one as it is a little harsh.


    I guess bleach and baking soda is a bit too much?? LOL know...the stuff that's used to erase typing errors...or white fingernail polish........LOL.....sorry...just kidding on BOTH counts.....sounds good in theory tho!!...DON'T try this at home....peroxide and baking soda I would seriously recommend....stop smoking and drinking coffee as well....

    I take them out and use a pressure washer. Really white.


    Ha! .... That is hilarious!

    I Find thet having them in a glass of Streident ovenight helps,

    Go to a dentist. I knew a woman who was trying to whiten her teeth using a Brillo pad! Don't do this at home.


    She was beeing optomistic,she should have used a strong bleach with the Brillo pads,

    Brush After Drinking or Eating. Lemon or Orange Peels will help a lot. If needed find a local dentists. 

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