Would anyone go to the movies to see a Paula Deen sequel? I'm just havin fun, getting ...

    rich, putting y'alls health in danger eatin' my diabetesand fat inducing food! The "N word?" I can put 4 words together without using that one: Here's my nice,new Negro hmmmmm...navigator. He's "Driving Miss Deensy!" I won an Academy Award for that one! After the Civil War is over, he'll really be a "Freeman" ("get it?"), although I wouldn't even let him drink at my restaurant, unless he used the fountain on the right.""""""

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    that was clever, Clonge. And imitating her dialect was good too. She shouldn't have lost all that weight, b/c now her neck is scrawny, and she's not as nice looking as she used to be.

    mycatsmom: I make a mean southern catfish, smothered in lard and wrapped in bacon and cream cheese. If it sells, I make it. Calories, etc.? Who cares? Being that you have a cat, I was wondering...are catfish and cats related? I mean, they both have whiskers. Thanks, Paula.

    Paula says what comes naturally to her. It is a shame that she obviously was raised and lived in a racist environment. It is a shame that it took so long for her to understand that all human beings regardless of the amount of pigment in their skin, are in fact, created equally. It also seems to be a shame that Paula is not 'drop dead gorgeous' ensuring that no one on this planet can pass remarks about her looks.

    All humans are created equal but not Fish(lets). There are many bigger fish out there, that would like to eat you. Please be careful.

    You are correct Clonge and I am outta' here!
    I do care that she is racist which to my way of thinking, there is no time or space for... but I don't care about her neck. Aging is a fact of life.
    Not one single person is physically perfect and we are going to get old and wrinkly. That's fact not fiction Baby!
    Take care. xo F

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    I'd much rather see the sequels to "Bill Clinton and his Teenage Intern", "Anthony Weiner and his Internet Movie", "Mark Sanford and his Mountain Bike", "Arnold Swarztenagger and his Nanny", "JFK and his Movie Star".....and the list goes on. They all got back in the game because they were forgiven and re-elevated to their hero status. Boys will be boys I guess?


    Don't forget "Elliot Spitzer and His Madam"!

    I could see his face but couldn't remember his name. He's back in the news recently also, in an attempt to regain his former admired status. I'm sure that he will, just like the rest. :(

    I'm still waiting for the first episode to play out, it's never ending...........

    That poor "honky cracker" just don't have a snowball's chance in hell, do she.  No, SUH, she don't.

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