open minded and wondering how the good guys put up with the guys who are bullies?

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    I think anyone who can "tolerate" the harassment from a bully has an inner peace and confidence that is not shaken by outward crapola. I think, too, that more often than not, those are elements of faith. 

    Besides, bullies are on everyone's s-list nowadays, as well they should be. 

    I don't know but aintt it the truth. My bast male friends do this, it's a mystery to me....

    Bullies are mostly talk,I guess you have to tell them that you "walk the walk",you don't "talk the talk",and take it from there.9 times out of 10 they will leave it alone.

    I get along with bullies easily with familiar greetings…in other words, I sit at their table in a bar uninvited and buy a round. Then Introduce myself and give them a compelling story to get them off thoughts of my abolition. Chum-up and ask for a favor that may involve a crime, implications of a crime, or something about my old-ladies boy friends. There is no sense in confronting bullies with any attitude other than “I’m with you bro.” .  Optionally, leave the scene. dodge commentary, and do not get in their way. Mouse-ing off works well as an escape. Use what works for you. To bullies, there are only family members of like mind and wimps, marks and sissies.  The last three are targets of abuse. So smile you are on candid camera and the FBI is two tables away.   

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