Why do some people stick their tonge way out when they put food in their mouth ?

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    The only time I have seen this is when taking communion in church otherwise this is a new one on me.!!

    Billy, maybe it's cuz you don't go to restaurants very much.

    Im in the UK this would be classed as bad manners. I eat out, in, abroad........!!!

    Billy, i think it's bad manners too, but if the people in my area, didn't have bad manners, they wouldn't have any manners at all .

    I am with bb1 on this one. I was raised with British manners and would never eat this way, mcm... Another British Manner is not to stare at other people while dining in a restaurant, it is considered rude. Works brilliantly. How others eat in none of my bees wax, as they say in some parts of this country.

    Fishlet, with my Eng, German , and Dutch background, I too was raised not to stare at anyone . I can distinctly remember my mother telling me that when we went to see her handicapped g.friend, in Wisconsin when I was little. I never stare at people in restuarants, or anywhere, but I do glance around . It's natural protective instinct to glance around.

    My Mother told me, "If you see something you don't like, deny all knowledge."
    I gag very easily and that is why when someone is eating badly or talking with food in their mouths specifically, I remove myself from the situation and never share a meal with that person again. Thank goodness you were not sitting at the same table as the 'tongue person' ... and ... More to the point, "Thank your lucky stars your parents did not teach you to eat this way. What a relief that is. You could be the person being watched!". Take care mcm... Great spirits and fine dining to you! xo F

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    Neither have I seen someone stick their tongue way out when eating.  Generally, people will open their mouths wide enough to insert the food. There is no reason to stick out one's tongue unless it is such a large tongue that there is no room for food AND a tongue in the person's mouth.  Yahoo answers' best answer is that people want to make sure all the food is going into their mouths.  
    Here's a tongue to go with the teeth from a couple days ago:


    T Y , PKB for researching it and coming up with a plausible answer. I have noticed this phenomenom for a long time.

    From now on, I'll be paying more attention to the way people eat. :D

    Bob- No dont do that, it will only put you off, stay oblivious to all unpleasentness eating or otherwise. It pointless looking for upset......

    Bob- No dont do that, it will only put you off, stay oblivious to all unpleasentness eating or otherwise. It pointless looking for upset......

    I need to shed 30 pounds. If that helps, I gotta do it.

    I'd never notice but now I will. Sounds gross. I guess they want to make sure to get every drop. Are the forks overfilled too? Plain old bad manners............


    Yup, jh

    This is a most curious observation.I must watch for it next time I dine out.I must say I have never noticed this behaviour.But now I am completly perplexed.Perhaps I do it & don't realize it.????


    Of course you dont! tch! take no notic x

    I thought that I was pretty observant, but I admit to never seeing such a thing nor even hearing about it. This forum is great isn't it?     lol

    Maybe as a way of catching food that might drop off the spoon or fork. 


    could be , but their tonge goes downward, and wouldn't be beneath their fork or spoon. They always also stick their tongue way out and downward when they want to put a brownie or muffin, or candy in their mouth. I just don't get it.

    Don....... :-p . LOL

    OK, then maybe it's an attempt to keep their chin clean of dribbled food :)

    I'm curious to see the answers to your question as to why some people do this. I have never seen anyone do that.


    I'm curious too, to hear from somebody who has seen this annoying habit going on in resturants.

    Perhaps it is there habit ???


    Yes. And it's gross.But, why do they do it ? Do they physically have to ?

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