Did you ever fall in love "at first sight"? If so, what happened after that? Did you...

    for example, subsequently have your vision examined, got engaged, married, nothing came of it"...?

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    Clonge, and what came of yours? Still with you? The memory? The person?

    Yes; a few times. The first was when I was in 5th grade. There was the prettiest girl I had ever seen in my class. We wound up going to the same schools through college. Many decades later, I saw her on Facebook, and the years have not been kind to her. She got married and so did I. The second instance was a woman I met in my gym. I kept hounding her for a date. I think she gave in just to appease me. She subsequently got married. She was gorgeous back then, and still is.

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    It was probably more lust than love, but we eventually met, dated a few times, and were in and out of each other's lives for several years.  The first time I saw him,  it just took my breath away....


    Yes ... I know that “breath away” feeling. OMG. I could not believe it. It’s a big long story as these things tend to be.

    @itsmee, maybe not really a long story, but I drag mine out, just to relive the feeling. EVERYONE should experience that at least once!

    I wrote a very long response but chickened out.

    We will have to get together in person sooner or later. THAT is one story I want to hear directly!!!

    Yup, We could have some interesting exchanges. : ))

    I've had crushes at first sight. If I made the move, I often was made a fool of. If they did, I often was disappointed. I can't win win it comes to crushes........


    There is someone now? I believe you’ve mentioned another.

    There is my roommate, James. He's ready to be rid of me.........

    Julie ~ What is your plan?

    No it wasn't till the second time she walked by..She forgot her shoes !!


    Did you like her painted toes ... or what? I don’t understand.

    Oh I fell so hard. It was a long time ago but still just about every song reminds me. It lasted and lasted but, alas, I was married. I knew it was escalating and I didn’t want any contact. I put my phone under pillows in the closet. I closed my blinds so it looked like no one was home.  I changed towns.   Oooooph ....the memory.

    It was a sad sad situation.


    Such a writer!!!!!!

    No comment,itsmee,

    I can’t believe I wrote that.

    yep, but i'm 14, so it probably doesn't help to say that nothing's happened yet... :/


    I met my now husband when I wad 14. That probably doesn’t help anything.

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