Have you ever been mugged? Car-jacked? Had your home broken into?

    My home was robbed twice. In 1994, my home was ransacked while I was at work. The thief called my workplace to see if I was working that day. Living in the country, with a long driveway, my home was an easy target, but the creep got caught a few days later when he was stopped for a traffic violation and had some of my stolen possessions in the back seat.   
    The second time, a year or so later, my shotgun was stolen, subsequently used in a crime, and the shooter got in a fatal wreck during a police car chase. The guy who stole the gun in the first place was also killed in a car accident a few years later.  
    I knew both guys who robbed me.    

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    Our home got broken into (rear slider door, not very secure) and they took the two pocket books which my wife had hanging on the pantry closet door knob.  We were home, sleeping, when it happened.  He did the same on next street, they found pocketbooks with cards, and checkbooks, only cash and nondescript jewelry was taken.  He got caught weeks later, person was home, heard noise, called cops, they saw his footprints in snow, let them to him.


    That is scary, with you in the house, vulnerable. My mom, bless her heart, was napping on the couch. Someone came walking right in and took my dad's glucometer and left. It was found on the back fence by one of the trucking company personnel. Guess the thief didn't know what to do with it.

    No but I have had my car stolen. It was locked but they popped the lock, drove it around the neighborhood, got stuck in a ditch, tried to rock it out and destroyed the transmission. The ruts in the ditch were over a foot deep!


    How stupid is that, getting stuck in a ditch in a stolen car. Sorry that happened to you, Ducky.

    Happened a long time ago. Same car was keyed and also had the back window smashed in. Never had an incident of any kind with any other car. Unlucky car? :)

    Dumbbell people. I never understand keying a car. Childish, no, less than childish.

    Had my car broken into once. Well,not exactly. I've never locked my car doors and still don't. 1 break-in in over 35 years and I haven't driven a lime-green Pinto in 30 years !  Must be the tinted windows.


    I'd think you were my ex-husband, but I LIKE YOU. He even leaves the windows down and the keys in plain sight....

    My car was broken into at the local shops one evening about 8 years ago.All they stole was a set of old keys that were in the console.They wouldn't do them much good.They were for the house on the Gold Coast where the locks (&Doors) had been changed already. The folks next door have been burglarised 4 times.They now have security screens on every window.


    Do you have security screens? No one here has them, but many of us have alarm systems, with signs proclaiming it. Last week, so guy the police were pursuing jumped over one of my condo complex neighbor's back fence and tried to hide in the bushes. Our yards are so small, it's hard to hide anything. The fence is 6 feet high. The neighbor WAS home, a single woman. The police caught the guy IN the yard.

    No screens but I have an alarm & CCTV.I'm not paranoid about burglars but I had the security installed when we ran our business from home because of all the expensive tools & equipment I had stored here.A dog is the best security device you can get.Doesn't have to be a big one.Just a noisy one.

    No kidding. My resident dog goes about 100 pounds, American Bulldog. When we go for a walk, he ALWAYS gets a compliment. When he barks at the door, people step back.
    I had a doxie years ago who barked at everything. He was the best watch dog ever.

    I'm dogless now,since Pippa died in 2011.But all the other security works well.:)

    :( I still think about the dogs our family lost this year..Ashley and Darrell. Miss those two.

    Long story short, I walked in while my home was being robbed. They took out via a back window with my jewelry. It was dark and they ran into my low hanging clothesline and dropped some of my stuff...............

    Beware you scum: Mess with Bob/PKb and eventually, you'll get yours!


    I just considered that real karma.

    Like a "-15" for each one?

    Many times over, many, many times over

    My home and business was broken into, I was robbed at knifepoint once.  I was ok as long as he was about 5 feet away and the knife point was pointing at me but when he flipped it and put it over his head in a show that he was about to throw, I gave him what he wanted-- He was caught 40 minutes later-- his friend turned him in because he wouldn't share.  LOL!  Seriously!   I didn't press charges because I really felt bad for the guy, he had his wife's pantyhose over his face, he just wanted money for his family.  They had a baby and he had no job-- i could not put him in jail.  he came by later to thank me and apologize.


    My home got broken into one very warm summers day. I was sleeping, as I worked nights. My TV was taken, the noise woke me from deep sleep, I saw a man standing in hall way, he could see me in bed, at first I though it was my husband, I asked who is that, and a voice I didnot know, said, are you ok. I said I dont think so. he just left. I was in such a shock, I got dressed and went out for a walk, leaving my door wide open. Thinking about it after, I think there was two men, one had gone with TV, and man standing in hall was waiting for him to come back, to take some thing else. In many ways I was very lucky.

    Its amazing how some people are willing to give up their life to steal someone else possessions. They just are not scared to die.


    When you put it in THAT perspective, yeah, it's pretty amazing. If not give up their lives, put them on hold for years. My son spent nearly 2 years in 4 different county jails, all for breaking into people's homes and/or stealing from stores. He would be in a state prison had the judges not given him "one more chance". He is making the most of the reprieve, too! so far.

    PKB, were they friends of your sons ?  My sister in law's house got robbed by one of her son's friends when he was in H.S.  Some friend, huh ? Well, he was there so much, so he knew what to steal.


    Yes, they were people my kids knew. The second one I coached in soccer and showed him the Pacific Ocean for the very first time when we had our 3rd grade field trip to Monterey Aquarium. It was sad when he was killed, as he had straightened himself up and was doing well.
    The FIRST one was horrid. He eventually went to prison, and I saw him a few years ago. I wanted to walk up to him and slap his face with every ounce of strength I had.

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