Why can't I log in to my email account?

    Last week I almost changed my service to Frontier. After thinking about it, I decided they were too slow and I just didn't want to go thru the hassle of making all the changes so I contacted Frontier and advised them to cancel. They finally agreed and I also had a service request for my phone. They advised someone would be out within 24 hours. That was on Thursday. On Saturday, the repair man came and found the problem. One of the phone lines coming into the house was almost broken into, He cut it as it was somewhere is the wall and the static I was hearing stopped. He mentioned again about the change of service and I told him that had been cancelled the same day I ordered it. He said okay and left. Could they have changed it anyway and that is why I can't log-on? Mary Davis 

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    Contact Charter support. We are akaQA  a worldwide general question and answer forum.

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