what if your collecting child support and you have no child?

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    Who exactly are you collecting it from? Child support comes from the other parent. Who is so stupid as to pay for a child that does not exist?

    The absent parent may live in a different state and not pursue contact with the "fake child". I did have an idiotic "friend" who paid his daughter's mother child support and HE had custody of her.

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    Hurry up and MAKE a child before they force you to pay it all back.


    I hate this answer! Make a child ? to avoid prosecution? BAD answer! And yet it is marked best answer! Ridiculous!

    digger is amusing. the person asking the question is something else, but I'll keep that to myself for fear of censure.

    @clu...I'm not sure but I think that digger might be joking?

    I'm pretty sure digger is kidding. I doubt he would suggest this member actually reproduce. No offense meant...

    @Bob...My comment to clu was my sarcastic sense of humor. Digger is almost ALWAYS joking. lol

    I'll say just about anything to get "Best Answer" recognition.

    Your trophy is in the mail.

    I think the person who posted this question is not the childs??? parent or even the alleged child! Just someone trying to cause problems . Thus is why the dumbest answer in the world is best! I think I need a break!


    I agree with you. You most definately need a break ;-)

    This is unbelievable. What country  are you located?? USA? This is unlikely, however, computers do make mistakes -- 'garbage in, garbage out' .  As others have warned, you are breaking the law regardless of your location, if they find you first, then you are guilty of breaking the law, and will not only forced to pay back but also interest and even jail time.   If you contact them first, then you may get lucky and only have to pay back what they sent you. Depends on  how long you've been ripping them off.   I would not want to be you right now.

    You'll be breaking the law and will be in serious trouble. How can this be? Who's fault is this? I won't vote for them................

    Collecting child support for a child that is in another's custody is fraud.  There are serious consequences for fraud.    Purporting to have a child in order to collect child support is also fraud, for which, again, there are serious consequences. 
    Not only would that person face CRIMINAL charges, but likely CIVIL action taken against him/her as well.
    Nope, not a good idea to pull a stunt like that.  

    You are breaking the law with very severe consequences

    Contact the appropriate governmental agency where you are and ask. Tell them everything. Add a charge of terrible grammar/spelling as well; "your" is possessive, "you're" is for you are.

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