I don`t know what to do.

    I must registration in high school, but i don't know what decision to take? But i am so confuse, which to choose. If i study in social sciences i must learn very much by heart, i like more something to analyze. If i study naturalistic sciences i have problems in math. In the others directions i am not very interested , Two important things that i need at this moment is willpower and doing something that i like. And the problem is that in my country directions are limited, for example if you study naturalistic sciences and you love too history subject, you can't choose that. I have heard and seen many films that you can choose or better to say mix directions that you love to study, normally learn also obligation subjects.

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    Have you a school adviser who can meet with you and talk about the different courses available and what the benefits are to each one.  
    If you do not care for math, or have difficulty with math, perhaps a remedial math course might be helpful.  If your passion requires math, you must become proficient in order to be successful in that field. 
    In the USA, students are required to study a wide variety of topics prior to graduation of high school (generally at age 17-18).  The courses include math (algebra, geometry, trigonometry), English (4 years), foreign language (Spanish is big where I live), science (health, biology, chemistry), US and world history, American government and economics, as well as physical education and a short list of electives (music, art, homemaking, ROTC, welding, farming).  

    While it gets tiresome reviewing the same "stuff" multiple times over the course of a 12 year education, only to repeat and review again in college, that's the way it is here.  

    Again, if you have someone to guide you in your choices, please utilize their experience and consider the options.  

    You are an extraordinary young person, judging from your questions and responses here, and I hope that you have many positive life experiences. 


    Sage counsel from one of my most esteemed AKAqa contributors.

    Guys, you're making me blush.

    Really i thank you from my heart, this answer is so important for my life and for my future.
    I fully agree with DonDowningJr and digger`s comments.

    I'm sure everyone is hoping the best for you. Keep us up-to-date on this, jersy

    Ditto to Don & Digger.And sooooo good lookin'too. What colour is your face now.LOL

    Too much, guys....Don't stop

    Ah yes! She completes us,hey Don?

    Which country are you from?


    I am from Kosovo.

    the U.S.A.

    mcm: Kosovo is not part of the U.S.A.
    Kosovo is a region in southeastern Europe. In antiquity, the Dardanian kingdom, and later Roman province of Dardania was located in the region. Wikipedia
    Area: 4,212 sq miles (10,908 kmĀ²)
    Population: 1.803 million (2011) World Bank
    Gross domestic product: 6.453 billion USD (2011) World Bank
    GDP per capita: 3,579.23 USD (2011) World Bank
    Life expectancy: 70.15 years (2011) World Bank
    Fertility rate: 2.20 births per woman (2011) World Bank

    I think for the others it`s a small country to know.

    What country do you live in?


    I live in Kosovo.

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