Did you ever need a hug with no interest?

    I mean when you are boring with understanding the true world and you need support. But it`s like nobody can`t give support, moral support. No misunderstands, a hug to a person / friend / brother etc. Really i didn`t ever think before that i will need a hug with no interest. It`s like you need something true in you life because you are tired of fake things, a fake smile, a fake cry, a fake love,  fake feelings etc. 

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    A hug is more often than not an expression of friendship, empathy, care, sympathy, comfort. Someone has misguided your interpretation.  Most hugs are free of charge.   Enjoy them and give them freely and sincerely.

    I hug people all the time for no reason other than it's good to see them. But if someone needs a hug, I give it even if they do not want to tell me why. 

    For you, I can only give a cyber hug. 


    Hope things look up for you soon. 



    Awwww. :)

    that is sssoooo cute. Now you can see why I love my cats. ♥

    And why I love mine.

    I don't like hugging anybody, unless it's somebody that I love. To me, a hug invades your personal space, unless it's someone you've known for a very long time, who you feel loving toward.


    I agree with you. People may think we’re cold fishes but I know we’re not. I knew this woman who came to pick up her child at day care. She kinda chased me all around the playroom so she could get her hug. It got to be a game with me as I moved around the 3’ tall people who lived in my space. The way she went about it seemed agressive. (She had no ulterior motives)
    Before I hugged a little kid, I’d always ask if it was ok to hug them.
    Jersy, I’ve know you in the cyberway for a long, long time. So I hope it’s ok that I give you a cyberhug. Touch is sooo powerful and so good.
    (((((Jersy)))))) <---hugs

    thx for your support, itsmee. We live in this hugging world. I think this trait is the California way and it drifted to where I live in Michigan. It started in the later 70s, but really caught on in the 80s or 90s.And then, too, it depends on your nationality. My late husb was a huge hugger adn kisser, being Italian/ American. His whole family was like that. Both his parents were from Sicily.

    mcm/itsmee: How to get around the hug if you are confronted with it? There must be a strategy you use that gets the point across w/o "hurting" someone's feelings.

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