Is it normal to feel awkward having a boyfriend?

    Ok so im about to turn 15 and ive had three boyfriends ever and every time ive had one i feel super awkward, i dont know what to talk about. Am i the only one that feels like this?

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    I think it just takes time. As time goes on you will become more comfortable with each other.You will  relax more as the relationship grows.

    it's normal for teenagers to feel awkward with a member of the opposite sex. In time, you will feel more confident. The boys don't know what to talk about either with a girl. Just ask him about himself; and he will find you so interesting to talk to.

    All that comes with age. Personally, I feel kids are too young to be dating if they are not at least 16 years old. Even then, dating is awkward because the girls are still too much into girl stuff and the boys are too much into boy stuff. It takes age and experience to begin to understand the opposite sex and find some kind of common ground to get to know each other on. Dating will get easier as you grow older and mature. Right now you are still between girlhood and womanhood. It's hard to build a real relationship when you are still changing and growing. Same with the boys you date. 

    When you say you have nothing to talk about, it tells me that the attraction between the two of you is mainly physical.  A real boyfriend/girlfriend relationship includes communication.  Think about it....

    I would feel awkward about it, as I am a male, and have no interest in men as lovers.


    How did I miss this introspective, helpful answer for a year???

    Honey, I often feel awkward in my 12 year old relationship. If you have nothing to talk about then maybe you are not boyfriend/girlfriend. If it was meant to be, neither one of you could shut up or you would be comfortable to not talk at all. There is no law stating you HAVE to have a boyfriend now anyhow..... 

    When I was 15 all kinds of things felt awkward. Just be true to your upbringing and character and keep living.  The more experiences you have the more comfortable you will probably feel about various life experiences, even boyfriends.

    When I was 15 and lived with my two dogs Catalina [Newfoundlander] and Jack the amazing Siberian Husky in a trapper's shack along the raging Thomson river here >>>'58.5%22N+119%C2%B018'00.7%22W/@51.849571,-119.300199,466m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x0

    I also had two longrifles because that is some wild, wild country still... I pumped gas over in the town of Avola which was a 2 hour hike or an hour and a half steady pace quick walk/jog ... anyhow I never really felt awkward around boys my age at all. I suppose because I had a couple brothers and they had all these buddies so I just learned that boys were just tougher girls sort of ... LOL


    I know where you lived. It is beautiful up there. Fifteen? Wow. You never cease to amaze me.
    I have been river rafting on the Thomson river and was told as I got into the inflatable vessel of hilarity, that, "No one ever dies on the Thomson.". :D

    LOL That is one mother of a river babe ... weeee haaaaa!
    I left home at 13 ... babe in the woods !

    I left when I was sixteen. Eventually the police brought me home. My mother didn't realize that I was missing ... darned Politzeye! (I know that's not a word, it just sounds that way... phonics!)

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