where in the Bible do they talk about homosexualety

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    It's in leviticus . It says homosexuality is an abomination  unto God. And, I think it's Matthew where it says you can telll when the rapture is coming b/c one of the signs is " when men lay with men "

     Not my words.So, don't shoot the messenger.


    Hey mcm, you may not have written the words but what I'd like to know is, do you agree with them?

    Referred to in Romans chapter 1 here;

    It may take a minute to read but, know  that chapter 2 begins with this,

    "Therefore you are inexcusable, O man, whoever you are who judge, for in whatever you judge another you condemn yourself..."

    No laws may oppose loving relations. The Bible-thumping-gay-bashers should be looking to their embrace of money grubbing enslavers for a better way out than stupidity and denial of an honorable life-style.

    We have free will because that is the will of God. That means we are free to choose for ourselves what we beleive and choose to do. I think God gave us this gift to let us know for ourselves what consequences or benifits there may be for our actions.  As soon as human kind learned to read and write, laws and consiquences were shoehorned into place. All of those laws evolved along with us because of our personal free will and that evolution was far from peaceful because everyone of us have free will. Did God post a fire-brand outside destroyed cities to let everyone know what drew that wrathful deed so as to avoid doing that? No, God does not work that way. Error garners un-expectant results and belief in error is just as stifling. The cause and effect relationship Biblically is obviously wrong and over-stated in some cases and understandably right-on in some cases. The fairy tales don't work for anyone.


    Laws do oppose loving relationships, as we see quite often when an adult, usually a teacher, is arrested for the loving relationship shared with a minor student, or the 18 year old whose boy/girlfriend isn't yet.

    It is the sexual relations difference issue in school, not student/teacher affectionate fondness...more of a social custom and practice. *

    *custom |ˈkəstəm|
    1 a traditional and widely accepted way of behaving or doing something that is specific to a particular society, place, or time: the old English custom of dancing around the maypole | custom demanded that a person should have gifts for the child.
    • [ in sing. ] a thing that one does habitually: it was my custom to nap for an hour every day.
    • Law established practice or usage having the force of law or right.

    Robert, I have a dictionary, and am fairly literate and well-read, with an acceptable vocabulary. Please don't be condescending to me.
    I took your words at face value and in the context to which this question and answer are offered, which is sexual. Teachers and students have "loving relations" which include sex.
    You do a pretty good job of bashing yourself.
    when Abraham pleaded for God to spare Sodom and Gommorah homosexuality was one of the sins that they were to be punished for Also when angels visited Lot in Sodom gay men kept on banging at Lot's door so that they can give them the angels to sleep with but the angels blinded the men ( sodomy comes from the name Sodom

    WIKIPEDIA offers this:

    Passages in the Old Testament book Leviticus that prohibit "lying with mankind as with womankind: it is abomination" and the story of Sodom and Gomorrah have historically been interpreted as condemning homosexual acts, as have several Pauline passages. Other interpreters maintain that these passages do not condemn homosexuality, saying that historical context suggests other interpretations or that rare or unusual words in the passages may not be referring to homosexuality.

    Still others agree that the Bible's authors condemn homosexuality, but do not take this as moral guidance. This perspective is shared by those who believe that while the Bible is divinely inspired it is a product of ancient cultures and should be examined for deeper truth rather than literal dictates, those who believe continuous revelation or modern experience with ethics or science has obsoleted the Biblical teachings, and those who consider the Bible to be merely literature or legend.

    Most people are going to accept what works for them and reject what doesn't.  My interpretation of what I've read about homosexuality in the Bible would not be welcome on this site. 

    you can check out the Sodom and Gommorra story,,or go to Leviticus chapter 20 verse 13,,,,,,,,,,,

    If you are a minister as your name states, you should know this answer. If you are asking this question because you want to preach against homosexuality on this forum, then please take a minute to read the rules here about that, Minister Barbara.
    akQA forum rules: 


    It sounds like she wants to preach in favor of it.

    Sounds like I called it right. She never came back. Typically when this question is asked it's because people want verses to use against the life.

    What did Jesus say about homosexuality? Nothing! No doubt gaybashers have scoured the Gospels hoping to find some words Jesus spoke to justify their hatred but again ,nothing.


    It really doesn't matter what bible says about homosexuality. Those people that lived back then were not to far away from cave man days. Why would anybody follow what they did or said. Theres nothing better back then than these days.

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