Would you pay him or ???

    This guy was hired to do some repairs and maintenance at my mom's. One job was to repaint the carport (3 stalls).  
    He "power washed" the carport and started spraying the paint.  There was chipping paint still on the carport when he started, according to my sister, who was on sight at the time. She told the guy, and he said he would take care of it.  I expect that I will see a carport with new paint that has obvious clumps of old paint underneath.  I expect that the new paint will fall off with the old paint that has pulled from the carport but was not scraped or sanded off before the repaint.  
    The paint cost $200, which I think the guy should have supplied (since when does the contractor need to get money before he buys a box of nails?), and I'm sure he'll be pounding on her door for a check in the morning.  
    He has taken way too long to get back to my mom's for this job (and  an exterior door installation), AND he still has work undone at my sister's from a year ago.  I would not have picked this bozo for the job, as he screwed me on some work last year, but he was in my sister's good graces when the projects began, and she was in charge of the repairs.  
    I don't plan to pay him if the job isn't done right, and my sister agrees with me (We agree on something, make note of date 5/29/13). She was supposed to tell him that if the job is poorly done, we will report him to the State Contractor's Licensing Board and the County Sheriff, as he is operating without a California contractor's license.  (He was licensed in Colorado.)

    What would you do?  I am prejudiced because of the problem I had with him, and think I may be blowing this out of proportion.  


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    country bumpkin

    LOL.... my sister agrees with me (We agree on something, make note of date 5/29/13)

    I agree CB... that was hilarious!

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    We call them cowboys here in the UK, no reflection on the real cowboys BTW.

    You are being fleeced P, this guy is taking the P out of you, tell him to sling his hook and hire a proper contractor.


    It might be festus looking for a job,??

    No, don't pay him but do give him specific instructions as to how to correct his poor workmanship and how to re-do it . Explain that if it is not done properly, and that means "to my satisfaction", he will receive no money....ever!

    I have learned my lesson the hard way.  I have a fellow in right now repairing the mess that was left in my still, unfinished bathroom.  That was an expensive experience.  I did not hire the guy, my Mother-in-law did.  The bathroom was supposed to be a gift that ended up costing us $10,000.  Please note the bathroom is still unfinished.  Augh! 

    I still have to be nice to the 'jack of all trades'  as he still does work for my Mother-in-law and she asked me not to make waves.  He does the same shoddy work for her friends as well.  Sickening.

    In your case, I would not pay one single dime until the job is done correctly. 


    My friend spent a ton upgrading when her upstairs bath sprung a leak. Then she spent another small fortune repairing the mess the contractor made. Then she was summoned to a hearing by the SCLB 3 hours away (appearance at 9 a.m. so add overnight expenses). The guy accepted a $300 fine and my friend didn't get to say a word. The stress has taken a toll, too.
    THAT guy had a license.

    I just makes me want to cry. :(

    And this happens in Canada as well as U.S. Bet in other places, too. We should have asked Tommyh to come over to help. It would've been done right the first time.

    Or Mike Holmes from Holmes on Homes :) .... The man is amazing.

    We can dream. Our genius is out of town now for another week. Tried to get paid, but, oops, no one to write him a check. There are strict rules for contractors, and he is going to be tied to at least the payment one.

    He sounds like a jack of all trades and master of none, you would be best to tell him to clear off ( or words to that effect) and get someone in who knows what they are doing. Don't pay him anything.

    Explain what is wrong and what you expect and agree with him that he doesn't get paid until the job "is done" by such and such date.  Easier said then done, though......

    Women tend to get ripped off by tradies, especially when there is no other male present. This guy sounds very dodgy. Give him strict instructions on how you want the job done with a time frame. Don't pay him until you are satisfied with the outcome. Ring around and get some quotes on the job at hand, that way it will give you some idea of what you should pay him.

    Why would your sister hire someone who hasn't finished her work?  Contractors never get money before the work unless you are very sure of them!


    You say what you"expect " to see? I think wait and see- your sister seems to have poor judgment!

    " ...AND he still has work undone at my sister's from a year ago."

    Why, oh why, did she hire this guy again? Should you,she or your mother REALLY be surprised? Such red flags are meant to foreshadow the inevitable. Look at the bright side, you got exactly what you (should have) expected.



    I am looking forward to deducting the additional paint and not paying him for the extra time. I would not have hired him. Knowing him as well as I do....

    I don’t mean “Don’t do anything.” I just think of the potential backlash of an unlicensed contractor.

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