What is it each of you are doing to lay foundation stones for our great great great grandchildren ?

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    By attempting to give more than we take from the Earth.

    Plant a tree, it's good for the environment.



    Each year of retirement, I have planted a pine far 8 trees !

    I love that idea. I hope you end up with a great big forest.

    This year I am planting one Rhododendron and a Magnolia.

    that's true, Fish.And my dad always said if you have a tree taken out, you should always plant another one .

    MCM.... Your Father was a brilliant man.

    Values taught at home should be good, also, remember things that you may not plan on teaching are still being taught!


    That’s for sure, bustieone.

    Well, I collect ring tabs off of my cans and off of the ground. Can't have them littering up the earth!


    Aww! What a good girl! (Does sound a little O/C tho.LOL)

    Oh, I don't know Tommy. I'm obsessed with the habit to the point of running into the street to get one off of a tossed beer can. At last count, I have 37 bottles (empty of booze) filled and are in storage! Can I be helped? Signed: The Good Girl.............

    So what's the plan Julie?What are you gunna do with them? I find this very interesting behaviour.Are you gunna melt them down one day & be an aluminium mogul?

    I have no idea. I once posted a question asking what I should do and @Fishlet was the only one to answer me...If I ever hear of a LEGIT charity use for them, I'll gladly donate them but so far, they have all been scams.....

    If you link them all together they would probably make cool Xmas decorations.:)

    They all lack the fold over part for linking. I'm not spending time to sew then together. I have even more boring habits to take care of.

    I liked this conversation between julie and tommy.

    I have no grandchildren in my particular future. However I am hoping for education reform before I reach 100.


    Well I hope you live that long Lindy.That's what I call positive thinking.LOL

    Only the good die young my friend ! LOL

    I think he means for future generations. I don't have gr. children, but I hope for a good life for my little great-nieces and nephews.

    Can't think past my immediate grand childen for the moment.By the time the great,great,greats get here I will be dead.(With any sort of luck.)


    Bionics are the wave of the future Tom....yep.... you could be the bionic man! lol

    Thanks, Tommy, I think you are a good person, too. Your values seem like mine often and you're nobody's fool.

    Times change so fast! What are your plans? My plans would be ---Let the GG Grandchildren figure out how to give their Grandfolks a stress free retirement with lovely visits from the kids! Also a nice steak dinner or a spray of flowers would be nice!



    Gotta agree with that!

    Long-term planning is God's job, isn't it ?



    I'm with Tommy on this.  I have grandchildren, and the best I can hope for is that I have, though one may wonder, given my children good values and morals to pass on to their children, who will, in turn, pass it on. 
    I can continue to try to be a good example to my sons and their partners, and an affectionate, fair, and kind granny to my grandchildren. Be a daughter, mom, sister, grandma, aunt, friend, teammate, and general PERSON, striving to be the best I can be.


    Well you're doing a good job Bob.I believe you are a good person.

    I recycle all plastic, glass, metal, paper,etc. 


    clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap ... Let’s give mcm a standing ovation.

    with all of our legal and macrobiotic heart and sole i request mine to listen to every answer that will set our great great great great grandchildren free from the suffering we superimpose on the reality of the exitence some black cockies were trying to nest in the gum tree at the back yard , the wise old owl lives in the oak the less he or she says the less we spoke
    the worm lives we are lucky

    Teach GC value of respect, generosity, kindness and helpfulness. Hope GC dont get affected by outside influence which might be bad. GC will pass them on to GGC. Teach them value of money and respect for it. 

    I work at teaching my grand daughters to be kind. I did this with my own kids. I did this when I was teaching preschool. 

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