why would a person borne in one country kill people from that country in the name of people from another country,,,aka,,england

    if a man grows is born and grows up in a country,  meets  girls, has mates,and then takes up a flag of  a  country  of  their  heritage

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    These two guys were born and bred in England, they religiously "educated" themselves on the internet, they murdered this young father in broad daylight in the middle of a busy street, they stopped chopping the guy up long enough to give interviews to anyone who would listen to them, the relevant authorities knew these people could be dangerous but failed to realise quite how sick they really were, all done in their minds for ALLAH.

    I'm sure Allahs' words don't tell his followers to do this,if they want to fight for him let them do it in the appropriate country they say they are fighting for, they might feel a little out of place in those countries, we don't need or want them here.

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    romos, i think you would be a good bloke to know,,,i get what you are saying,,,,,,,,

    Ex military mate, does it show?

    Your question is a little confusing. But, I too would like to know why the two brothers who did the Boston bombing came over here from another country, ( Chechnia )( sp)  and killed many Americans .

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    i was talking more about the two dark boys in england

    oh. You mean the one that hacked up people with the hatchet and has blood all over his hands in the picture ? Yes, that is like a horror movie. Those kinds of people are possesed by Satan.
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    hi mycatsmom,,,i think they are possesed by their belief in mohommed,,,(satan?) food for thought,,,,

    I'm not up to date on this situation, thank God, because what I'm reading sounds absolutely horrific.  Why they weren't shot on sight baffles me. 
    Why do people denounce their countrymen for a "cause"? I'm at a complete loss. The brutality, senselessness, and insanity have no bounds, nor can they be comprehended by any logic. 


    Shooting saves taxpayers a lot of money, not done often enough... The do-good generation would still want to save some who are no good to themselves or others and better off dead!
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    if you shoot them you will never find out who is tied in with them,best to get the lot of the mongrels,then figure out what to do with them

    I'd be OK picking them off one by one. Much easier than a stampede.

    because the failure of all mothers and fathers to provide the adequate education with regard to connection with the institutions of learning and all of the governments and all of the history of everything, lets reclaim some of the indigenous voice and vision  and lets temper the future with education 


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    hey mate,i grew up on the wrong side of the tracks,,and i was not the smartest cookie at school,,but i did not need an education to learn it is not right to go round killing people if they dont agree with me,,,nice talking to you,,

    Well said, Terry.

    Parents influence their children, without a doubt, but so does media, school, peers, and everything else of which they are exposed.
    I didn't provide an environment to encourage my kids to experiment with drugs, and become addicts and thieves. Neither did their schools. Be mindful of where you throw the blame for the world's problems.

    Parents can only do what they can, drugs are so addictive, that the users will not respond to nobody but the drugs...

    tie me kangaroo down sport and make the sound of the hollow log mate reclaiming indigenous vcoice an vision is longer broader than white kev can see or do 


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    sounds like you might know who JANDAMARRA is,,,a man worth knowing,,,,,,

    Karma is a sanscrit word and is as closely as i can understand translated to cause and effect and i have been told by a tibeten monk when i asked him if i stand on your toe what is karma he said to me its all about what we do with you when you stand on my toe , this was the momos man 


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    in other words ,what goes around comes around

    and it's like it says in the bible, " that which you sew, so shall you reap "

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