Am I crazy?

    I have two guinea pigs whom I adore. I live in Norther Yonkers and sometimes let them run around on the grass because they desperately need exercise and because I love to see them "in their element." Although they're having a blast, I'm constantly nervous and looking up at the sky and trees to make sure I don't see any hawks. I stay in close proximity to them at all times. I have never seen any but my neighbors have seen one pass through and grab a squirrel on his way out. My question is - would a hawk still hunt an animal so close to a human? Am I crazy for taking this chance?

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    Yes, a hawk would grab one even with you there. No, you are not crazy for having them outside but you are taking a risk. Hawks can come in fast. It would not take much to make a fenced run for them. Get a roll of chicken wire, lay it flat, fold it in the middle, spread the two sides and set it up like a pitched tent. You may need to get some branches to hold the fence up in the middle. This gives them a safe run so a hawk can't grab them. 

    Carry a stick and wave off any hawks that may come your way. I doubt the hawk would swoop in whilst your there but, never underestimate a hungry wild animal. Enjoy your Guinea Pigs, they are adorable little pets.


    HA! You do not know CT Hawks, lol. I was getting water for my dogs one day at the outside faucet and a huge hawk swooped out of the sky, glided in and just about hit me in the head. I looked up to see a hawk body in my face. It was this >.< close!

    OMG! That close!!! >< Scary

    A hawk will attack a small child; don't you watch America's Funniest Home Videos?  That one was NOT funny (but I don't think ducks and geese chasing and biting people is funny, either).


    A duck chasing an adult would be kinda funny. Our own Ducky might do pretty well. We could get her chasing and then turn on the cameras. Another overnigh You Tube sensation.
    Phyllis ... I didn't know that about hawks and little kids. Good to know.

    one time years ago, when my g.friend and I went to see some swans, one of them came out of the water and chased her----pecking at her heal. They are mean.

    I'm not even comfortable with chickens.

    I worry about chicken hawks when my little kitties are out, but God help the hawk that picks up Molly, my 2nd cat ! 

    ( my " kitties "  are actually full grown )


    To Cavvy Slave- - - There are also coyotes and foxes, around here. So, I have to worry about them too. Maybe you have them around your neck of the woods.

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