make a sentence with laze

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    laze on the deck and be cosseted by the crew.
    You could pin the nose on the clown or get your face painted, or simply laze around in the bouncy ball pond.
    laze around in the bouncy ball pond.
    laze around the hotels large swimming pool.
    laze away the afternoons, or relax with a light lunch or afternoon teas.
    laze in the sun.
    lazeagine lazing on a tropical beach in hawaii, soaking up the sun, from only £ 479 per person!
    lazet the 4 start hotel there ' kenilworth ' was so nice we spent most of our time lazing around the amazing pool.
    lazeod for lazing about for a few hours in the sun beside the water.
    lazewever, the humid heat meant we would spend most of our time lazing in the hammocks, reading or playing cards.
    lazear anthony, thanks for the weekends lazing by the pool, i do hope you've made the right choice.
    laze away the days on our beach or around our famous lagoon pool.
    lazes in acacia shade, flicking flies off its wild yellow body, pride won't eat dead meat.
    lazeread several of the submissions lazing back on the sofa or swaying on the piccadilly line.
    lazetside there is a large garden which the cottages share, ideal for playing games or just lazing around end enjoying the view.
    laze afternoon spent lazing about in the sunshine in the inch park.
    laze in bed often.
    lazewever is was a fab day to enjoy the sun and music whilst lazing on the grass with friends and a picnic!
    lazeople have a lot worse to cope with than worrying whether they can survive without lazing around stoned all day.
    lazee loved nothing more than a treat of tuna and a chin tickle and would love lazing in the garden in the sunshine.

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