Does anyone know what would cause bad pain in front of the neck> It is the two bones on the

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    Are you married? Wives can be a pain in the neck.

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    For any kind of "bad pain", you need to ask a doctor. We are not qualified medical professionals here.


    I am sorry but I wasn't asking for a medical answer. I just wanted to know if anyone else
    had heard of this or had it themselves. She has
    been to two 'qualified medical professionals,' without an answer. These two bones that are connected to her collar bones hurt so much that she has stopped doing many everyday things. Bone scan, CT scan and X-rays have revealed nothing. I just was hoping by using "Ask a Question" someone would be able to help her.

    No need to apologize. My suggestion would be to take those test results and visit a naturopathic doctor. They also have years of medical training but their solutions are very different from traditional medicine. It can't hurt. Good luck.

    I injured my neck eleven years ago.I had and have  Severe Pain. I  went to teaching colleges, lots of different kind of doctors. We spent a lot of money. Too much.  They did not want to do surgery because of the location. of the injury. My pain is in the back of my neck. It is called Chronic Pain. 

    It almost seems like your wife's problem is with muscles and nerves.under the bones  (I have no qualifications) After you have exhausted your search for a doctor who can help you, I hope you'll find a Pain Doctor. He/she will not try to cure your wife. He/she will just manage her pain.

    You just never know where you'll find an answer. I wish you the best. People can and do learn to live with Pain.  What state do you live in? I think Ducky had a good idea for you. I am going to look up Naturopath myself. (I've never heard of them)  I live in California. 

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