how do you get a spider that living in your hair off you its been bothering me for 2half years tryed vick,procksit,alcohol,bug spray,baby powder showering repedivly,soap water help i wont to die my fear is somone will see and asum i dearty

    i feel s depressed that someone will see and think i dirty but bf f left his bag in closet of  a place we lived in and opened it spiders everywhere huge nest

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    help i going to kill my self today it was windy it feel off and i missed it and it crawed back on me just my luck



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    how do you get a spider that living in your hair off you its been bothering me for 2half years tryed vick,procksit,alcohol,bug spray,baby powder showering repedivly,soap water help i wont to die my fear is somone will see and asum i dearty

    Please seek professional help.

    T U,Colleen

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    Have you actually seen this spider?  If it's just a sensation of something crawling on top of your head  it's more than likely a problem with circulation.



    It is not Charlotte, that's for sure.

    CB, you're right. I've had that feeling,but not often.

    Goodness .... Woman.  Shave your flipping head.  Problem solved.

    Good lord child get some professional help...spiders in your hair ! And  I thought I had worries with this Mastodon in my back yard.....



    So you,
    lindilou! : D

    Do you have a weave in your hair?  If you do I would get rid of it?  Are you sure you have a spider?  If I had a spider in my hair for 2 seconds I would be going wacko!


    Its my wig it gets in clu,

    clu, me too. I hate spiders.EEEKKKKK !

    Two and a half years with a spider in your hair?

    I've had this guy in my hair for over three years!!


    I don't want him to leave though.

    This spider is as real as the one that is living in your hair, go see your doctor!



    Two thumbs up.

    Sounds like you need medical help, you should see a doctor a.s.a.p.


    Why? lol

    and mental help. She just said she wants to die and commit suicide.

    This is a joke isn't it.. Yeah, has to be a joke. I think I will add this one to my email joke repertoire.  It's going viral!!


    I don't think it's a joke. I think it's ... Uh ... well, it was a long long time ago.

    Imaginary creature problems, can be solved with imaginary solutions…Spiders are hunted by mud dauber wasps. There was a particularly large wasp in Texas when I was a child there. I enjoyed watching that Orange winged blue-black bodied wasp throw herself into the webs of ground nesting spiders. Tarantulas would pop up to grab her for dinner and a movie at their sub-terranium villa, but upon realizing their error…release her and runback into their hole. Where the tarantula hawk(girl)  would follow down the hole, calm the spider into docile surrender and fly the limp tarantula off to her pottery where her children could entertain them for a season.    

    Gloria….the name I gave my spider hawk, was subject to my careful study one summer. My memory of this came back to me when I noticed the similarity between the center of opium poppies and a hairy legged spider. So when I decided to give opium a try for a while these memories all came together into a story about a hairy legged spider who loved me so much along with all of her children that they sought to wrap their long hairy legs around me and suck the life right out of me until I remembered Gloria, who came to my rescue and ended my further interest those endearing spiders. Thanks to Gloria, my attraction to opium never returned.     


    I've known a few "Glorias" in my day, isn't nature a treat?

    Keep the spider. It will keep all the flys and other little things out. Just realise how many insects would be in your hair if it was'nt for the spider


    LOL . It's funny, but it's not funny.

    A doctor will help you. You can just stop by one of those clinics where you don’t need an appointment. They will help you immediately. They have special methods for spider removal.


    do they remove mental issues ?

    mcm: That goes without saying.

    It might be a headlouse. Try this; work some conditioner into your hair and leave it there for at least an hour, then wash it out. Repeat every day for 3 days then do it every week. This is a surefire cure for headlice.


    Nom....That's what I was gonna say. Lice can make you feel like something is crawling around in your hair, b/c there is.There was a big head lice problem in the school system around here.
    Woo get help sweetheart now

    Brains are part of our collective carnival ride that lets us play a vast number of songs, thrills and chills until we simply wear the thing out completly. Don't ya Love It!!!

    Robertgrist Haaa lol yes love it xxxx

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