After confusing Doolittle with Dollybird last week I went to the doctor & told him I thought I was getting Alziemer's disease.

    He told me to go home & forget about it.:)

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    My mother is in early stages of this It is sad! She is 87.  But the joke was cute. Anyone dealing with this disease needs a little funny now and then. I imagine I will not be so jovial down the road a bit!


    So sorry Clu.I can feel for you & your mum.Your right.It was a joke with no cruelty intended.Is your mum happy? Hopefully she is.Some folks have a terrible time of it because they fret & worry about it.All the best to you & your mum.

    My best to you and your mother.

    Cute Bob, I mean James, uh, Rocketmen, un, I know you're from somewhere, give me a minute.....


    Hi jules.It's me! Tommy from down under.Remember.LOL

    Tommy, you’re down under with my son and his wife and our grand daughter. Haven’t heard too much yet. I don’t know Skype. Phone is too expensive. I lost their e-mail. I don’t have facebook.

    Well this means you'll be hiding your own Easter eggs soon !!!!


    Haha! Yep.That happens now,sort of.I have trouble finding things I know I've got.Most of my family reckons it's just because I have too much stuff.

    My mother also passed with Alzheimer's Disease, 5 years ago. So sad to watch her deteriorate. She was in a home with others in the same condition, so I observed several patients and family members....awful.   :(


    (((Ducky))) My mom had a long long illness too.
    How long did your mom have Altzheimers. It probably started before doctors knew?

    They don't really know. Doctors have very few answers.

    My mother died with this condition, reduced to a being with as much independence as a new-born baby. As her mother and several of her siblings had Alzheimers I was anxious to know whether I was likely to get it so I had a gene scan from which showed that I do not carry the gene. This does not mean that I will not get Alzheimers but it is less likely.


    It seems to be a widespread disease Nom.Just by posting this silly joke has made me even more aware of it.What a horrible way for someones life to end.Thanks for the input mate.

    I wish I could take a black pill if such a disease struck me. (Terrible thing to say but true for me)

    In the meantime, get plenty of exercise. I’ve read that this helps with Altzheimers. 


    nomdeplume: You are brave to take that test. I think I’ll pass the test by. I don’t think I’d even want to know. Not unless ....

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