Which is the most absurd thing that you ever see, read ,heard?

    I have so many. But lately i have read a book that was written about 1910 year, the book is called ``impure blood`` from Borisav Stanković. The book is a about a girl that was so beautiful, she was the only child, she had two parents. She didn`t married until she passed 25 or  29 not sure.She was forced to marry by her father. She married with a boy 12 years old, after 5 - 6 years, the girl`s dad come to his groom to get the money because he had sold her daughter to a kid through the kid`s dad.The life of girl change, already become a mother and she beat by her husband always. I abbreviate the story.

    After i read the book i asked my grandpa if really that has happened in my country Kosovo, in Serbia, Turkey, Albania etc. And he just affirm, really i was so surprised, i couldn`t believe how a father can sell her daughter, how the life of a girl had destroyed like that. But luckily that is a past, that is all i can say.

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    Sadly darlin it still goes on today, maybe not in your country but it happens every day in places such as India, certain countries in Africa and many many more.

    My son and his girlfriend,  both unemployed and substance abusers, deciding to have a child is the most absurd thing I have ever seen.

    Four years old now, she has a sister and brother. The girlfriend is a beer-aholic, but neither use drugs at this point. He does occasional odd jobs and takes excellent care of the children.

    She got fired for mouthing off to the foreman, day 2 of tree fruit picking, is a good mom, EXCEPT for her beer consumption. Their relationship has its moments.

    Still, the most absurd thing I have ever seen...


    It was probably his girlfriend's idea to have the 3 babies.Who supports the 5 of them? Who pays their rent and their car payments, and all their other bills ?

    #1 was a mutual decision. #2 and #3 came along by mutual irresponsibility. They are great little people, so I'm blessed.
    Who supports them? My mom helps them with a home. They are on the utility company's "CARE" program. Her parents, my mom, my son's dad, and I have helped with furniture. Her parents gave her a phone and I gave him a phone, for which he pays 1/3 of the charges, as do his brothers for THEIR phones.
    They receive some cash aid and food stamps, along with Medi-Cal health care.
    My son works just under a 40 hour caregiver shift each week for my mom and receives $8/hour. His is respectful, diligent, and companionable, as well as responsible. She is happy he is with her. So am I.
    I hope they will attend some sort of educational programs to gain skills for careers that will support and satisfy them. In the meantime, they are parents, and their children are "just turned" 4, will be 3 in July, 5 days after baby turns 1. They will have no other children. Guaranteed.

    jersey, maybe that particular book is not a true story.


    Maybe, but i heard that has happened many stories similar like that.

    our government letting in questionable characters into the country all the time.And then, not following them up.

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