What is the mayor problem in the modern family oday?

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    I think that families today face the problem of not having enough money, out of work,  can't afford mortgage payments,  lack of education, drug and alcohol issues, teenage pregnancies. 

    Papa ain't nowhere to be seen.

    python said it all. And another major prob is........there's no father in the home. And the boys won't mind their mother. That's what I've been told by  my girl friends about their divorce, and the outcome on the kids.  When I was sub teaching the kids told me their mom is never home, b/c she's always out with her boyfriend. And the dad doesn't live with them, b/c the parents were never married,or are divorced.

    The answer is in the question….not enough consonants and to many vowels. The building blocks for a stable home life are consistent stability and scheduled small adventures. A boring home life of simple rules and basic repetition is boring…as it should be. Thus children leave home in due time and seek to build their own lives the way they see as fitting rather than preferring your comfort and perpetual residency.  

    1. lack of respect for the parents. To call mom a bitch is common without a blink.

    2. educational system needs to teach values such as in 1 above.

    3. lack of tolerance and understanding. If parents cant afford Nike shoes for kids, they must learn to settle for less.

    4. contribute to family income in everyway. 

    5. family must be a cohesive unit. 


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