Are skink lizards bad for dogs if they eat some of lizard

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    I would call a vet to be sure but according to this article, skinks are not venomous so should not be toxic to a dog.

    The blue-tailed skink is a species common the eastern half of the United States. Country folk have referred to blue-tailed skinks as "scorpions," and they warn that the lizard's tail can produce a venomous sting. This is not true. The blue tail seems to serve as a distraction for predators, diverting their attention from the lizard's head and body to the tail. Since the tail can detach if a predator grabs it, the lizard can get away, while the predator is left with a wriggling tail in its mouth.In nature, bright colors are usually a warning of toxicity, and it is thought that this is the case with the blue-tailed skink's tail. It is believed by some that this lizard is incredibly poisonous when ingested by animals and humans, although the evidence seems somewhat anecdotal. Its level of toxicity is not scientifically confirmed, but many reports exist of severe neurological problems, vomiting, diarrhea and high fever after exposure to the reptile. Cats are commonly affected by them, as they are easily enticed, and there are a number of reports of fatalities among cats who ingest these lizards.Other animals may also suffer ill effects to some degree when they eat a blue-tailed skink. At the very least, it is believed that the lizard does not taste good to predators who attempt to eat it, and the blue tail is meant to warn predators of that fact. The term "lizard brains" refers to an animal whose nervous system is damaged by biting one.In conclusion, it appears that more research is needed to verify the toxicity of the blue-tailed skink. Its blue tail seems to serve two purposes: detaching for a quick getaway and warning others that the lizard is not a tasty meal and may, in fact, cause poisoning to some creatures. More reference links:

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