how to I get the credits in the baseball heroes?

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    Most of the cheat engines and tools that are being presented by different coders contains malicious script and may harm your computer so i really advise you to not use those because they might hurt your computer and other reasons why you shouldn't download them is because they are not working at all. And if you do make it work, the developers will detect your account and will ban or delete you from the game. The best only way you can get credits in a legal way is by purchasing facebook credits. To purchase, please follow this link: or this link: To get more coins, you need t work hard for it. And working hard for it in a legal way is really great especially if you get what you wanted because of your own efforts. To win more coins, please do try this winning tips and strategies: I do hope this helps. Thank you and Good Luck! :) source: How to get credits and cions in baseball heroes?

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    bagaimana saya hendak mendapati kredit?

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