How important are beautiful teeth, or does it matter at all?

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    I am very fortunate.  I was born with beautiful teeth. 


    A smile lights up a face.

    It's one of those things... a beautiful set of teeth actually speaks on a level to others that no one can actually describe.

    My children and my husband have beautiful smiles and if one tooth has been out of place.... I have paid money to have it fixed.  If I had scads of money... I would pay money for many people to have it fixed as well.  Teeth do matter.

    My eldest daughter had a tooth that actually could have caused her great grief and could have potentially ended her life if I hadn't have insisted there was something not quite right in her mouth which looked very perfect.  It appeared to be small.  It was not at all.

    Speaking is far easier when one's teeth are in place.

    Eating is far easier when one's teeth are in place .... and kissing is sooooo much better when one's teeth are in place.

    Teeth really matter.

    It's not just about the smile. ... :) 


    my late husband had dentures, but the kissing was great !!

    The "beauty" of the teeth, is not the important factor. Dirty, rotting teeth, are a very serious health issue. That residue from decaying teeth, is going through your entire body like a daily, slow poison.     :(

    Yes I think it's very important to look after your teeth, and it only takes 2 mins to clean them twice a day, and a floss inbetween is good for them as well.


    My dentist told me to brush for four minutes twice a day. (This is NOT for everyone) If you brush that long you gotta ask your dentist. I worry that all my brushing will take away enamel. I think my dentist is kinda nuts.

    Yes four mins sounds alot of brushing itsmee.

    You gotta use soft bristles and be gentle with your gums, too.

    Did you know that tooth decay can cause heart problems and even death, if the infection of a bad tooth gets into bloodstream, it can go to the heart and kill you! 


    That's very true....almost killed my bff's mom

    that's true.

    My present teeth are beautiful.  Should be, I've paid around 20 grand for them!!!!


    Your smile lights up your face. It's fantastic.

    They would even outshine a nice pice of potteriey,

    True Dennis, very true. How is your lady friend doing today?

    Ankle still swollen,and William,knows it was his fault, for pulling to hard,

    I bet William is upset about that. :(

    His walkies are cotailed,for a little time,Anyone that can walk him needs strong arms and legs,

    I know that one ... I used to have a very strong dog.

    Wow! Jh, Did you get them capped ?

    No, I had all of my original teeth pulled (should have done it years ago)and am now wearing dentures. I'm about to have post put in so I can snap new teeth in aand out. It's been a pain in the butt but ail be worth it in the end.....

    I think good teeth are very important! I see so many people with lots of teeth missing and I feel bad for them.  My employer offers dental insurance and lots of employees take it. However they do not improve their dental health I do not know if its fear or what?


    Glad you took care of your teeth. They do make a difference, how much so depending on where one lives, I think. My cousin's dad was having allhis teeth pulled, with dentures being planned. His dental insurance was cancelled (why, I don't know) and he was left with a couple incisors that make him look ridiculous. :-[

    At one time Oprah said she wouldn't have anyone one her show unless they had white teeth. Some people have great big mouths and all their teeth show. My mouth is small but my teeth are ok. Not great.   Oprath said there was no reason why people didn't have straight white teeth.

    I was never fond of that woman. Julie, you gotta get a picture of you with teeth. We wanna see them. 


    See my avatar. Those ore my temporary dentures. I'm getting my "snap ins" real soon!

    Oh, I have a snap in. I’m so glad they exist. Mine looks good but it isn’t really comfortable but I don’t care one bit. I call mine a “flipper"

    You're funny. My sister has a "flipper". I'm getting the full set in a few weeks.......

    Julie, Are you getting a full set of flippers??! Or are you getting those teeth that screw in and last forever. I think dentures would be uncomfortable. Are they? I need a lot of dental work and we don’t have dental insurance.
    Someone asked, “Does money make you happy?” I have a stronger answer Heck Yes! YES. Money money money money. I want it. I need it. I gotta have it.

    Oprah -ptooey.

    The dentures are driving me nut's and make me gag... I'm getting a full set of snap-ins on June 5. Well, that's the date they are inserting the post. I'll have to go toothless for two weeks! Oprah has never noticed me.........

    Julie, when you get your snap ins, go to Oprah’s show and bite her. Hard.

    Hedda Hopper said Clark Gable didn't have a tooth in his head. She put that in her column years ago. hee hee.

    I don't like people who kiss and tell.

    For health and appearance, not to mention ease of chewing, teeth are important.


    many livestock, and wildlife are dead if their teeth are not efficient at eating...

    One of our dogs had horrible teeth. My son blended dry food to powder, added warm water to make mush, then mixed in half a can of dog food. He fed Darrell separately to make sure no one pushed him away and gulped the grub. Rest his doggie soul, he was euthanized last summer and my son has his ashes.

    It always looks better when your bowling ,and smile as you strike out,

    Whether your teeth are good or bad depends on four factors: diet, oral hygiene,  genetics, and environment.

    Diet means avoiding sugary foods especially between meals.

    Oral hygiene means cleaning the teeth effectively and using fluoride toothpaste.

    Genetics you can't do much about but the other factors are more important.

    Environment is important because if you were born and have lived in an area which has fluoride in the water, your teeth will be less likely to decay.

    I think as far as health is concerned, clean and healthy teeth matter the most.

    Teeth are definitely noticed, good or bad but like all appearances, it doesn't define you unless you wish it to.

    There is a definite difference in attitudes toward the 'perfect smile' in different countries.


    When I was younger a person looked at me and said OMG! you're teeth are rotten! It was devastating! Soon after I got my teeth fixed but that person really made me feel horrible about myself!

    and rotten teeth cause halitosis too.

    hi guys,,i do not have any of my own teeth,a mis spent youth and to much booze,,also dental in aussie is very expensive,,however my wife has very nice teeth ,,thats pretty good after 65 years,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    The chances of good health with missing teeth is not good. Its a sign that you are not taking care of yourself. Then its a genetic thing also. You might lose the enamel off your teeth. I know someone that had very few teeth in his mouth . He had 5 bypasses at 45 years old. Just didnt take care of himself. 


    smoking causes dental problems, too. Much of the advanced gingivitis is caused by smoking.

    two consistant traits about about models and movie stars, is that they always show their teeth and their eyes. The first thing you present to the world and to someone you just met, is your eyes and your teeth. If you teeth are crooked,misshapen, dingy,yellow,  missing,.......that tells the world that you don't give a sh- - --   about them and about you.


    It could mean that you don’t care about yourself but I think more often it is a sign that people don’t have the $$$.
    Our dental bills scare me, My dentist says I have the beginning of gingivitis. I don’t SEE any problem. I don’t FEEL any problem. Maybe I should see another dentist. My dentist is taciturn and I don’t really know what’s going on

    Itsmee, Many people with crummy teeth could afford to get them fixed if they quit buying cigarettes and alchohol. And if they paid for it on a payment plan. That's how my husb paid for her daughter's braces years ago.

    Maybe they drink & smoke because they have bad teeth.

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