How can I expect my ex-husband to react when he gets served with papers loosing his every-other weekend rights. His parents had them usually, but now he wants to get them. He won't communicate with me regarding serious issues with med and recently my son had a heart monitor that he refused to attend to. when i downloaded it , the service said his heart rate was 180. then i had to rush him to er.

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    Is there a reasoon for him to lose his visitation rights? Sounds like something you initiated to get his attention and get back at him for something. So what his parents enjoy their grandchildren on his watch. That time is his to do with as he pleases. It makes you upset because you want him to spend time, and deal with, the kids. 

    Back off. Take care of the kids and make the medical and other decisions necessary for their well being. Let him know, via text or phone call.  This will catch up with him eventually.  Let go of your anger and resentment as soon as possible, because, if you don't,  it WILL consume you. The kids pick up on your vibes. Make them good ones.

    Share concerns for the kids with family and friends you trust, and especially HIS parent.

    Oh, and you can expect him to call you a <edited by moderator>, which may not be far from the truth in this case.I

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