if u wear fashoinable clothes is that mean u r pretty..

    i actually want to know what makes someone pretty/.

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    No. Your personality makes you pretty....or not. Have you ever met someone that you thought was very good looking but then, you didn't like their personality so you didn't want to be around them any more? Or the opposite, you met someone who was not so attractive, but then you got to know them and really liked them because of their great personality? Think about that.


    maybe u r right. means you are 'stylish'. What makes someone pretty depends upon personal preference I is all superfiscial anyway but here is a great link that may help >>>


    i don't get it. what does the link do..

    It's for fun and for experimenting with faces of all sorts to give yourself an idea of what you think is pretty or on some of the boxes there and read the instructions and have fun making combinations of faces...try it !! ;)

    i did.

    So can you see how beauty is in the eye of the beholder....that we each have a preference for what we think is pretty?

    i really don't understand that website..

    Okay maybe this site will be a better one >>> <<<
    Meanwhile....this is from the link....
    "Attractiveness - a summary of facts
    Attractive people earn more salary and get more promotions than average looking people.
    One main feature that is indicative of healthy genetics is the symmetry of the face.
    Recognition of beauty fosters better mate selection and healthier breeding.
    Beautiful people usually associate with other beautiful people.
    Beautiful people prefer date people who are a little more attractive than themselves.
    Beautiful people and less beautiful people judge beauty in the same way, although less beautiful people often consider other factors as equally important.
    People consider facial characteristics similar to their parents to be more attractive.
    Members of a family or relations judge facial characteristics as implying personality traits in the same way.
    Studies find couples often resemble eachother in facial characteristics.
    Attractive people are viewed as honest and helpful while unattractive people are viewed as rude and unfair.
    Women find a man more attractive in experiments when other women are pictured smiling at him.
    Females find extremely masculine faces more attractive during their fertile periods.
    Studies find less attractive men are more faithful and loving than handsome men.
    Women looking for a mate like small eyes, a big nose and a large jaw.
    Males in experiments prefer facial ratios similar to a woman of 24.8 years old.
    The ideal figure of a woman is a waist to hip ratio of 0.67 to 0.80"

    well thank u..

    I'm sure some people think so.   Clothes doesn't make people--people make clothes.

    clothes don't make someone pretty . You can dress up a pig and he'll  still be a pig.

    Seriously , what makes someone beautiful, is keeping yourself clean and having a clean heart. And that will refect on  your outside, and be contagious and draw people to you.


    Maybe still a pig but a well dressed pig!

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