What's going on in Cleveland?

    I have been looking for your comments on this story out of Cleveland & I haven't found any."Shocking","Impossible" Are 2 words that come to mind.How could this happen to 3 girls from the same neighbourhood?

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    Police negligence methinks.

    BTW, it doesn't just happen in Cleveland, you'd be surprised if all the crap was revealed.


    Oh I know that this is no isolated incident.But it just goes to show you don't really know your neighbours.Police negligence?? Hmmm.I dunno.I am reluctant to critisize the cops but if it was one of my girls in that house there would be 3 dead hispanic gentlemen in Cleveland right now.

    What I meant by that Tom was that they gave up looking for these kids after less than a week and classed them as "runaways".

    Yeah.There is something wrong with that system Roy.Who gives up after only 1 week?

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    I imagine people in the neighbourhood were just trying to get through their days... It does not look like the most pleasant place to live.  I read an article that stated a lot of the houses on that particular street are boarded up.  People in the neighbourhood are saying all sorts of things.... not quite as colourful as Mr. Ramsey in the first link.

    It's sad to think about what these young girls have had to endure throughout their formative years and how it might affect the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, there are no doubt many others enduring this same kind of torture as we sit here talking about it.     :(

    I've lived in my neighborhood for 20 years+ What they do is something I don't know! Thank heavens these women are free now! None of them were over 20 when abducted! I hope those men fry in hell!  My point is you don't know whats going on next door! And this may give hope to some families whose children have been missing for years! 

    I don't understand how they can be missing for 10 years and then all of a sudden show up.  I know there's an explanation for this, some kind of 'syndrome' where after awhile they become comfortable with their captors and surroundings.  I think we had another one like that a few years ago. Elizabeth Smart. 


    I think it's called "Stockholme Syndrome".But obviously Amanda wanted out.That's why she started screaming.

    Yeah, 'stockholm syndrome' I agree she wanted out but we are talking 10 years later??? maybe she broke out from the stockholm syndrom first, then broke away from the captors. How can someone subject themselves to 10 years of misuse and abuse ?? Whatever the case, these guys need to be hung and then their head on a stick.

    Totally agree Vinny.

    "How can someone subject themselves to 10 years of misuse and abuse"? You must surely have heard of wives (and husbands) who have stayed in an abusive situation for decades!? There is much more to it, than can be explained by any lay person, in a sentence. These young women need lots of love and support now, without public speculation and analysis which seems to be happening everywhere.

    Yes, I am aware of battered women and battered men, also children. But these women were chained and locked up for 10 years. at least a battered woman gets to go out once in awhile. These women have received the worst that any person in the free world ever expect, let alone live through it. I'm confident that in 3rd world countries this behavior is common place, not here! Anyone that mistreats another human being should be executed.. Or worse, placed in general population where the other inmates will kill 'em. Sad though, we have Jodi Arias, Clevand kidnapping and Bengazhi all in the sameday, nobody cares about the lies and deception and the loss lives due to these lies. Bengazhi is no news compared to Jodi Arias and the Cleveland jerks.

    The trouble is,This guy can only be executed once!
    That poor girl had 5 pregnancies terminated by him punching her in the stomach.The prosecutors are saying that they are going for the death penalty but this a**hole will get to spend 10 years on death row in relative comfort compared to what he subjected these girls to.The death penalty is too good for him,but what are the alternatives?

    Reason why the death penalty is too good is because of our softened implementation of the execution itself. In medieval days they had horrendous ways to kill. By today's standards their way is a crime in itself. Also, I am not so sure their judicial system was the best either-- I kinda think that these grusome deaths did work in controlling crime --so well that they legislated new crimes so they could keep up the practice of killing. Today, we are very PC, execution is simply going to sleep, in which we all do every night. However, just what if the crime fit the punishment?? I would say that crime would all but come to a halt. If these thugs whoud see what coud possbly happen to them I do think they would think twice about it. But, then we are a civilized world now, for the most part) so-- We must act civilized, even when these thugs kidnap, rape and hold in bondage for 10 years.

    Where is Cleveland Rick when you need him. ? He was here last week.

    We used to go down to the Cleveland area  often, when my husb was still alive. It was his hometown, and his children and gr. chlidren and sisters still live in the burbs. I wonder too, why it took 10 years for the police to hear of  those girls. The perps probably had a rap sheet as long as your arm. Seems that when the girls first turned up missing, if the police set some good hound dogs on their trail, he would have found them.

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