is it ok to date a muslim boy if your christen ?

    He love me he said so and i love him i am just scared my parents wont like him and his parents wont like me....

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    In this day and age it shouldn't be a problem, saying that you might run into a few, if you were my daughter it wouldn't be a problem, but I'm not Muslim.

    Inside your skull is a thing called a brain.  It is something that should be taken seriously.  It is something that you should nourish.  It is something that should be exercised and used accordingly, with the greatest respect applied.

    You already know the answer.

    digger that a yes or a no ? ;-)

    (I've reached my daily votes limit:-( )

    It's my cranky way of saying, "Quit looking for attention and get back to your homework."

    I was hoping for a politically-incorrect brew ha ha.;-)

    From Moi? ... Where have all the 'spitfires' gone?

    To the out-of-the-way place that someone wanted them to be in. Ain't the same, is it?

    The sparkle is gone :(

    If his parents are true Muslim, they will forbid him from dating you. According to their religion, you are an infidel and if he defies the family and his religion, he may come to a bad end. You should find out how strict to their faith they are. Your boyfriend should be honest with you about the truths that should prevent him from dating you. 

    There are other fish in the sea. Certainly you can find someone else to interest you.

    he cant just love a sotable one or you enter eslam

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