What would you do if you were in a white room with no doors and no windows and you could not get out

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    Thanks everybody. A lady asked me this question and and two other questions. She said it was a psychological test and represented your attitude toward death. I asked two more questions and will tell you what they mean on that question page. Hope you guys enjoyed this insight. lol tabbie

    Thanks pythonlover and everybody else on this question. It reflects our attitude toward death and what we might want to do in the afterlife.

    Thanks Colleen. Is this correct. Thanks I believe I did it right this time.

    Yes, this is correct ;)

    22 Answers

    First of all I would hope this make-up does not clog my pores ...


    And then I would SING! ....... every Danny Kaye song ever written .... La La La La .........



    That woud drive me up the wall.

    paint a door black and open it...


    But there are no doors to paint.

    and no paint

    I certainly wouldn't think I was in a utopian world, now would i think I was visiting Flo at Progressive Insurance.  I would probably think I've been locked up in a mental ward.  

    Go snow blind I would think.But before that I would probably start ripping up floor boards.


    So you would just act like a maniac, is that what you're saying Tommy? lol

    Would you be looking for a toilet, like Ben?

    I would be acting like a maniac once I needed to find a toilet.Yes indeed! Ripping up the floorboards looking for a way out.(Claustrophobic).
    I don't have to "ACT" like a maniac.I am a maniac.You should know that by now.LOL.

    Oh right Tommy, I forgot! LOL!!

    I would wonder how I got in there to begin with if there are no doors or windows. Hummmmmmmmmmmm

    I would eat dark chocolate.


    That would make you want a toilet,

    Good one hector.

    Well, I guess I'd go nuts and then try to get it dirty.........

    I assume there’s a restroom, a stocked kitchen, a bed, a tv, a library, food delivery, a way to get visitors in, a computer, an e-pad, a closet with my clothes, a dresser,. 
    With all that assured I’d get my paints and paint a door, a window, (trees outside the window) If I couldn’t have guests, I’d paint them in ... Why did I ever start answering this question!




    Sleep is reasonable. Boring little room. Waking to an out of the body experience is quite pleasant. Not tired, refreshed, and feeling right.

    There is no possible way it is impossible to get out

    If there was a table in the room,this is what I would do.

    Knock my head against the wall until it is saw(sore).Take the saw & saw the table in half.Two halves make a hole.Climb through the hole.Once outside,shout until I am horse(hause),jump on the horse & ride away.Is there at least a table in the room?


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    I'd get on and ask "What do I do?"

    id ask my spirit guide to show me a way out

    I would look for the black curtains. Any good rock and roller knows that  the White Room comes with  black curtains.

    I think it would most likely be a perfect place for meditation. Sounds like a figurative place, just as there is a rock and roll heaven.


    did Jim Morrison make that song called " In a white room......."?

    The only one to get it right so far is romantic warrior.This question was featured on NCIS a few months ago.Stoopid if you ask me.

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    I am of the belief it was moody blues. Jim however is the king of dropping the acid now. lol I have been wrong a time or two. enlighten me?>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>|


    it's either one or the other.


    Well Tommy, I've seen the correct answer on the internet. Romantic warrior is sort of correct but I think they put their own spin on it though they made it even more stoopid than the original answer.

    Pray then sleep while I wait :)

    Sit down and start thinking.....

    Stay calm because you have been a good person on earth. No need for toilet or chocolates - these are physical things while you are in the spiritual realm. 

    i have to look for way out


    how did you get in?



    this question is from a psychological test. a lady gave it to me about 20 years ago. it symbolizes one's attitude toward death. hope you enjoyed it. tabbie the tabber

    ill do nothing...

    moi jatendrer tout simplement qu on mouvre mdrrrr!



    English please. Thank you.

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