Hi everyone,I'm back with my friends,how are you all?

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    ""Ah there you are! We've been looking all over for you. Glad you're back!

    Welcome Back Rick


    This Fortune Cookie Says:


    Welcome Back!  The Gang has really missed you!


    Welcome back sweet man...hope all good things for you...missed your deep thinking and well as your quirky sense of humor !!



    That is so cute, Lindi

    Clevelandrick - How you doing - better I hope - you will see this is a good year for you in fact exceptional - peaceful how you love it. , Good to have you back - although I am hardly here, bad year for west-bus too - I do hope he returns - otherwise when things improve for me I will ask Colleen for his contact details. He gave me permission. Hello to you.

    Good to hear you're still around mate, hope everything is going well for you.


    Every thing is well my friend,thanks for asking.

    I've noted your absence and it wasn't so good. Don't stay away so long........

    Good to see you back Rick, hope things are going well for you .


    Thank you sunnyB


    Hi Rick,  Hope you're here to stay this time. We missed you , but then I've told you that about 12 times.

    Hiya Rick! Welcome back...again! LOL How's it going? Still working hard?


    Yep,still working,waiting for spring,it seems that Cleveland was left out this year.We had a bit of the white stuff a week and a half ago,looking a lot better this week.

    Same here Rick. Spring is taking it's time. We're still pretty cool for this time of year but at least, no white stuff. Would be nice to get out of the low 60's during the day.

    It's always good to have you here, C.R. Glad to hear you are hanging in there.  Hope you can hang out for awhile. 

    So glad everthing is well. Welcome back.


    Hi Ann hope you are doing well how is that garden of yours ! Been busy with work etc anyway thought I would say hello xxxx

    Hi Ann hope you are doing well how is that garden of yours ! Been busy with work etc anyway thought I would say hello xxxx

    Mel, thank you for asking and I am so glad you are back. I am busy with cleaning up and garden work. I love beeing outside. It is very dry at the moment and we need rain. I know you have been busy too. How are you and your family and of course your Kittys?

    Ann the kitty's are fine Harvey was quite ill he had a mayjor operation he now is a ladyboy if you knw what I mean and he is a lot better touchwood I have also been in the garden what with work and the rain last year didn't to much so now it's catch up time lol I have missed our little chats will have to chat at least once a week glad you are ok I also am catch up in the cleaning area I found my first cobweb in the house woooo never mind it's gone now and the garden is getting there love as always Ann xxxxx
    Hi Rick hope your keeping well sweetheart xxx

    Just blow'in the wind mel,hope things are well with you also.

    @cleavelandRick a bit like me lol xxxx

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