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    I've half an ear on the midday news, and heard something about a pro basketball player announcing he is "gay".  Would it be newsworthy to announce one is heterosexual? 
    Does this really matter to you folks? Is your sexual orientation something that needs to be broadcast over worldwide news?

    It seems the more we label ourselves and set ourselves apart from others via age, sex, ethnicity, gross annual income, sexual preference, etc. etc. etc., the more we segregate ourselves.  It seems like fueling confrontation, distrust, and social unrest. 

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    IOU a TU... Sigh!

    who gives a sh- -- if he's gay .

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    I have wondered this as well.  I was thinking that we should all come with labels attached to our necks for anyone to read.  It would cut down on paparazzi accidents as well as wasting any time with the wrong partner... it's a win/win idea if you ask me.


    Someone will wish you a wonderful day.



    "Oh!  That's me!  Have a wonderful Day Bobette!!"


    Fortune Cookies are brilliant!


    Like the song "here's your sign"?

    I have just 'Googled' ... I am not sure if I should thank you ... :D :D


    It took me a minute to see the connection... Primarily because I became fixated on the hair.

    You are right, of course.  What if he were straight?  Who could care?  This is going to tie the basketball sport upside down......


    As I say more and more often, 'Just when you thought it was safe to go into the water'.

    I think it's ridiculous that Obama called him to congratulate him on his  coming out. Is this all you have to do to get a personal phone call and accolades from the president ?  If so , then maybe I'll tell people I'm gay ( I'm not ) just so the president will call me 


    What a worm Obama is. Anything to get his face in my face. I don't know anyone who aspires to be gay, or for his/her children to be gay, but, of course, I don't know everybody in the world. I do wonder how SINCERELY supportive the Big O (as in zero) will be if one of his daughters announces she is gay?

    It would be newsworthy if a prior "disclosure" that one was "gay" was unfounded and that person took offense to it. In this case, "clearing the air" and having it refuted, would be appropriate.


    We are 100% in agreement. I suppose it would work the other way, too (to be fair). If someone had mistakenly been labeled "straight", (s)he might want to refute that, as well. :{

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