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    The best fun you could have, is to be a straight A student. The rewards you will reap, later on in life, will be amazing! Hard work is more important than fun.


    And some do! :(

    Well, Da Vinci, when I was in college, I smoked some pot, drank some beer, had sex with some guys, and did poorly in my classes, eventually graduating with a Bachelor's Degree. 
    Looking back, it wasn't that much fun, if it was fun at all.
    I also played intramural softball, was on the women's soccer team, a bowling league, and took an occasional activity class (art, craft, physical-golf, tennis), and got involved with the newspaper and drama productions.  I even got involved in student government. THAT was fun!

    Education is why you are there! Join some clubs, volunteer around campus. Read the local paper -see if there's sales or walks or anything!All Fun!

    Hmmm..... I am wondering what year you are (Freshman,  Sophmore...).  I'm also wondering if this is the first (only) school you have attended or if you transfered.  I spent my first year in college like a fish out of water.  I wasn't much into my classes and it seemed by the end of the first month everyone was pledging a frat or sorority or into thing I wasn't.  My 2nd semester I got very ill and spent time i a hospital near the college and then one near my parents.  I missed so much time I was forced to withdraw (losing all of that semester's tuition and fees).  From there I took a class at a local community college as I healed.  The next fall I transfered to a University in the same state where my parents lived.  It had many more students and many more class choices along with a lot of frats, sororities, clubs, and sports.  This allowed me to explore a few areas before choosing my major and minor.  It also allowed me to participate in a lot of clubs etc the entire time I was there.  (I'm not the type of person that likes to only hang out with just one group of people).  Back then Drinking and smoking pot (etc) was legal or tolerated.  We held the philosophy of work/study hard and then play/party hard.  That University was the right place for me- it wasn't the HUGE University in the state but the 2nd largest (I think maybe 10-15K students with about 4K on campus on the weekends.  I returned to another very pestigious U several years later to obtain another degree.  The first year and 1/2 I studied all of the time (I'm talking sometimes 15 hrs on Sat and Sun).  As we had very little time to socialize we formed study groups.  Sometimes I liked the students and sometimes I didn't care for them but I know I graduated with honors because of them (and my 2 housemates who forced me to put down my books once in a while and "play").  It wasn't exactly the definition of "fun" but it was an excellent experience for me to learn that with a heck of a lot of work and some help I could succeed at a school that I thought I would just scrape by at.  (I was never considered the 'smart' one in the family).  I'm not bragging but sometimes we are labeled very early in life ( the smart one, the funny one, the naughty one) and being able to shed the label and realize that I certainly wasn't super intelligent but was smarter (bookwise anyway) than I thought...since then I've done a lot of living experiencing a heck of alot (not all good by far!) that had made me "street" smart or more worldly.  I hope that your feelings pass but do remember that many freshman and sophomores transfer to different schools- so hold that as an option.  P.S. summer break should be just a few weeks away- good luck on Finals and have fun with your old pals!



    Great answer, IOU/TU, none left.
    My avatar is broody, not sad!

    Damn, College isn't what it used to be.  :(  Now they expect you to learn something worthwhile while attending.  Best that you leave now and get a minimum wage job at McDonald's.  They have lotza fun there and you don't need to learn much, just slap burgers together and take a 20 minute break every 20 minutes. 

    Drop out of college & become a house painter.Now that must be fun. Remember how Tom Sawyer white washed the fence?

    What, you must be hanging around with the liberal democrat party there. You wont hve any fun. Ok , the good news is i'm here to help. Try joining a fraternity. We never had a dull weekend. First dont do drugs of any kind. Fraternities will make you more social. I was a nobody , joined a fraternity , and within my second year was elected president then for two years. Its time for you to make a forced change in your life. The shy guys in our fraternity were forced to be social. If we said hi, and they didnt say anything we would hit them hard on their arm. Problem solved. You will be involved in group activities and city events. Or continue hanging around you liberal friends and be a loser.

    Go back to painting. ""


    Looks easy enough, If by chance it doesn’t work, you can always write a book.

    It's all about balance. Study hardly and have fun also. Join a club that you hold an interest in. Go to sporting events. College is a small part of your adult life and will become a good memory for you in the future. Enjoy yourself at this wonderful time in your life!

    Growing up, I was never told that college would be fun. I got the impression that it was work and the rewards come later. Do your best and owe yourself.......


    It's all about going to the right college!

    Ah me, personally I had the most fun of my life during that time. But, I wax nostalgic.


    Good old days huh?

    Yeah, and as I move further into my declining years they become better and better in my rapidly fading memory.

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