what would cause your hands to itch bone deep

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    The most common cause of pruritus, the technical term for itchy skin, is simply dry skin. That is unless a rash is present, which suggests contact dermatitis, a temporary allergic response to an irritant of some kind. Chemicals, harsh detergents, wool, medications, certain foods and even contact with certain plants can trigger such a reaction. However, deep skin itching can also be a symptom of disease including metabolic disorders, impaired thyroid function, kidney failure, leukemia and other cancers. In addition, severe itching may be caused by a parasitic infection such as scabies or lice. Chronic inflammatory conditions can cause itching, including psoriasis and eczema. Finally, deep skin itching may be the result of keratosis pilaris, an inherited skin condition characterized by tiny red bumps and a skin texture similar to sandpaper; according to the American Academy of Dermatology, this condition affects up to 40 percent of the population.

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    You say "Bone Deep". This suggests that it's not a skin problem but could be Carpal Tunnel syndrome.This ailment usually causes numbness in your hands.It's worthwhile asking your doctor about it.

    my aunt's itching of her hands and arms turned out to be type II  diabetes. She didn't know she had it till she was in her 60s. And my friend, Carol's itching is caused by her mild  diabetes.She doesn't take any meds for it. Nor does she monitor her blood sugar.But, a Dr. once told her she's got diabetes. And her daughter has it. Her ( Carol ) itching drives her nuts at night, and keeps her awake.

    Some itching is caused by dry skin.In that case, you'd have to use an oil -type  moistureizer in your bath; Coloidal soap baths, and just plain oatmeal in your bath are good for itching.

    and you'd have to put lotion on everyday ......and maybe at bedtime too. Something like......Keri Lotion.

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